VAIOT’s 2023 In Review

9 min readDec 30, 2023

We envisaged going into 2023 that the year would be a big year for AI companies not just in crypto but for the entire AI industry. It was obvious to us that it would also be a big year for VAIOT as well as the hype growing at the time very much aligned with our product release plans. VAIOT then set out to continue to work on its proprietary technology and integrate it with market-leading AI solutions (IBM’s Watson, Microsoft’s Luis, Open AI’s GPT3) over the course of the year.

Now a year later we look to reflect very much in the same way on 2023 going into 2024 by weighing our accomplishments over this year and speaking about our trajectory for 2024.

We have been working for years in order to reach a breakthrough — and this year provided multiple breakthroughs for us even if not the original one’s we had set in our minds. The doors, progress, and opportunity opened for VAIOT this year have truly laid the foundations for a powerful 2024 going into the next Bitcoin halving.

2023 — The Summary

The easiest way to paint a picture of just how much has been built this year we’ll lay out successes from it. These are not in chronological order as many of these events and initiatives either lasted months in incubation, execution, and development or are still in development.

AI Legal Assistant

From the beginning of April to the middle of November, our time and efforts were completely geared towards developing, building, and beta-testing our flagship product that is the AI Legal Assistant.

VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant is a product concept that aims to provide legal and public administration information and services to various audiences using artificial intelligence (AI) as well as blockchain technology. Under the platform that is the AI Legal Assistant there are multiple applications such as the Intelligent Contract Reader, the zk-SNARK Certificates, and the AI Assistant itself.

From creation and customization of contracts to their encryption, decryption, and private dissemination — the AI Legal Assistant provides a total experience to the user that enables them to use some of the most cutting edge blockchain and AI technology while working with a simple interface.

The fruits of our labors came into fruition on October 16th where we ran a public beta test of our Assistant with amazing results.

🔹954 Reports on Jira
🔹2.54 million non-unique API calls from user interaction
🔹90,000 interaction on
🔹2097 unique users tested the AI Legal Assistant v1 BETA
🔹425 unique wallets connected to AI Legal Assistant
🔹53 zk-SNARK certificates were created.
🔹577 contracts were created within the AI Legal Assistant.

Read the full beta-test review here.

The effects of this beta-test and culmination of years of effort resulted in us reaching another goal from 2022 — to be recognized as a top tier AI project. During our beta-test we were one of the top 5 trending projects on CoinMarketCap for several days. This alone proved to us that there are eyes on us and that one day soon we will be recognized as a huge disruptive force not only in AI, but in the blockchain and law spaces as a whole.

Try the Assistant yourself at

Integration of VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant and Microsoft’s CLU

In Q1 2023 VAIOT made a strategic decision to integrate Microsoft’s Conversation Language Understanding or CLU solution into the AI Legal Assistant. Enabling us to build a much more human-like user journey through specialized conversational flows throughout the contract creation process.

Legal Research, Compliance and Contractual Design Project with Grant Thornton

In Q1 2023 VAIOT launched a joint project with Grant Thornton to properly prepare the market launch of VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant from compliance and legal background perspective focusing research on the fields of law, compliance, and legal documentation design.

This effort was done, and in retrospect successfully so, in order to make sure that the potential development of our AI Legal Assistant would reflect it being exactly what we claim it to be — a top-class AI product.

Development of Contractual Blockchain Intelligence (CBI) and subsequent integration with AI Legal Assistant

Q2 2023 started off with a vital implementation of CBI — VAIOT’s proprietary mechanic for contractual data recording and storage on a blockchain network as part of a smart contract. Thus enabling each and every individual contractual term of a legal contract to be written on-chain and then read via the Contract Reader sub-application in the AI Legal Assistant. CBI being a proprietary blockchain feature produced by VAIOT marked a significant milestone of VAIOT’s AI-Blockchain merger to bring a top-notch LawTech solution to the market.

VAIOT’s Contract Reader Development and Launch

In Q2 2023 VAIOT’s blockchain, frontend and backend developers spent time building a solution dedicated to building one of the most important parts of the AI Legal Assistant — The Contract Reader.

It provides users with a seamless and user-friendly interface to examine and decrypt the terms and conditions of their smart contracts created through the AI Legal Assistant. These agreements are displayed in a visually appealing format, ensuring easy access to crucial contract data. Moreover, you have the option to enhance transparency by obtaining special certification for your contract to confirm that its terms were recorded on the blockchain.

GPT-4 integration for VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant

GPT-4 launch had a huge and long-lasting impact on consumers and businesses worldwide. VAIOT, which previously worked and integrated with GPT-3 for some of its solutions, made a strategic decision to integrate GPT-4 to support VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant.

The combination of Microsoft CLU and GPT-4 was an evolutionary growth for what we could do with the Assistant when it came to the Assistant’s ability to carry on smooth, in-depth, and intuitive conversations across all of its applications. The database for VAIOT’s instance of GPT-4 contains a vast legal knowledge base of the jurisdictional frameworks of the entire European Union and is supported by the joint Legal Research project with Grant Thornton Malta.

VAIOT’s zkSNARKs tech development and integration with AI Legal Assistant for contractual data privacy and certification

VAIOT harnesses zk-SNARKs for certificates, enabling users to purchase certificates proving specific values within a contract without revealing the entire contract. This application showcases the power of zk-SNARKs in ensuring privacy and authenticity while leveraging blockchain technology. Additionally, VAIOT goes beyond by deploying smart contracts with the verifyProof function. This allows users to independently verify their proofs, promoting decentralization and appealing to a wider user base.

Looking to the future, VAIOT envisions an array of use-cases for zk-SNARKs, particularly in public administration through its AI Assistants. These applications will streamline processes, enhance transparency, and facilitate secure and efficient contract analysis. VAIOT’s zk-SNARKs solution adds additional features and capabilities to the AI Legal Assistant making it even more sophisticated and allowing for further integration of AI and Blockchain for LawTech/LegalTech applications.

By integrating zk-SNARKs into it’s AI Assistants, VAIOT spearheads a transformative shift in public administration processes.

VAIOT x Polygon Mainnet

In the beginning of April we integrated our AI Legal Assistant with Polygon — We’ve launched a private blockchain based on Polygon Edge to store confidential contractual data as gathered, utilized and produced by the AI Legal Assistant and we enabled zero-knowledge proofs technology use.

We believed, and have since been proven, that Polygon was the best choice for VAIOT to deliver our innovative products and services, such as Intelligent Contracts, AI Legal Assistant, VAI Payback, and VAI staking. Polygon has since enabled us to provide our development team and community with a seamless, secure, and rewarding experience on the blockchain. Further integration with Polygon is ongoing and will be the topic of 2024 as well.

You can read our full article on the launch here.

Main Takeaways

  • $VAI Single Asset Staking on Polygon
  • Polygon Edge private blockchain development
  • zk-SNARK development capabilities unlocked
  • DDR concepts could then be developed.
  • VAI Payback integration with Polygon mainnet

VAI Payback Mechanism Development

In page 108 of our whitepaper we define the Payback Bonus as “Tokens granted as a payback bonus after a product or a service is bought by the user via the VAIOT Platform. Such VAI Tokens can be used for further purchases thus reducing prices of products.”

To explain further, if you were to pay for services within the AI Legal Assistant using VAI tokens as opposed to other cryptocurrencies or fiat, service costs would be discounted. If you were to pay in any other way you would receive a percentage of VAI back for your purchase. Let’s say for example a contract costs $10. When a user pays in Euro or Ethereum they would get a $1 VAI payback that they could claim at any time. This mechanism, which we will release more details on around the release of the AI Legal Assistant’s V1 launch, incentivizes the use of VAI as a means of exchange across all of the services we will provide, thus ensuring a healthier and more stable token economy.

Since the beta-test of our AI Legal Assistant we have been able to focus more on this mechanic — expect updates on this in Q1 2024 as the development is currently in progress.

Giveaway Contracts Implementation

In December of 2022, we announced that the first use-case of our Intelligent Contracts concept would be going live in the form of the VAIOT Giveaway Contract Platform. By March of 2023, we were ready to begin a month long public beta-testing campaign of concept. Over the course of that month, we received over 300 beta-tester reports with over 40 Contracts created on the platform in full.

This crucial first flight of our Intelligent Contracts enabled us to move into hard work on the AI Legal Assistant’s various parts — which all work with Intelligent Contracts in various ways. With a prize pool of $2000 in $VAI at the time, our community aided in the development of our products in a pretty big way and was rewarded for it.

Read the full overview of the Giveaway Platform beta-test here.

Top-tier Centralized Exchange Listings

$VAI listed on both BitGet and MEXC — with separate campaigns and initiatives. A huge thank you to them!

Digital Assets Regulation Institute Launched with KuCoin Labs

The Digital Assets Regulations Institute (DARI), born from VAIOT and KuCoin Labs, was meant to be a focused initiative aimed at fostering collaboration between financial institutions and governments in the cryptocurrency industry.

The goal therein was to contribute to the creation of regulatory frameworks that strike a healthy balance between investor protection and financial stability with industry growth.

Read more here.

Team Growth

Over the course of 2023 we’ve added FIVE new members to the VAIOT team who have been irreplaceably important in the successes of the year. The amount of work and development that’s been achieved by them since they’ve joined us is amazing — a huge thank you to all of the following team members.

Thank you for reading VAIOT’s 2023 in Review — our next article will be discussing our plans for 2024 and the new places we will grow this year.

Happy New Years VAIOTEERS!


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