VAIOT Giveaway Contracts Platform Beta Test: Overview, Insights, and Takeaways

5 min readApr 3, 2023

Over the course of March we held a campaign in order to not only showcase the first use of Intelligent Contracts, the Giveaway Contracts platform, but to give the VAIOT team and community the to ability to get hands on with develop together.

Testers had the opportunity to connect their wallets and test at

For those who may not know, Intelligent Contracts are a continued development of smart contracts as they are an integration between blockchain and artificial intelligence. VAIOT’s Intelligent Contracts enable the end-user to create contracts to utilize a simple user interface, to create a contract backed by an advanced AI, serving as a personal contract assistant. The end-user provides the requirements and basic data via text or voice analysis on the user interface. VAIOT’s AI will review its legal database, prepare a contract tailored to the user’s needs, and make it secure with blockchain technology.

VAIOT’s Giveaway Contracts, our first use of Intelligent Contracts, allow any crypto influencer, content creator, marketing specialist, or project founder to run social media engagement campaigns and award participants for actions taken. You can create your automated giveaway blockchain contract that allows for the rewards distribution process automation and random allocation of the rewards for the winners thanks to the integration with the Chainlink Oracle.

We offered potential top testers a prize pool of $2000 in $VAI in exchange for finding bugs, sharing suggestions, and getting involved through our dedicated JIRA-based web platform, Telegram feedback chat, and of course by testing the platform on testnet. With the conclusion of this month long testing campaign, the VAIOT team extends their deepest gratitude for all of our community members who took the time to help make this platform the best it can be. We will reach out to the winners of this campaign this week in order to properly handle allocation of awards.

We once again appreciate all of the development suggestions, bugs brought to our attention, and feedback during the campaign. Every remark and observation will be deeply analyzed, reviewed, and solved by the VAIOT development team.

Beta Test Overview

Over the course of March we received:

🔹231 Development Suggestions

🔹70 Reported Bugs

🔹45 Giveaway Contracts Created

Top Development Suggestions

A. “One biggest challenge and troublesome issue with Moderators are Community members being very aggressive asking about the Giveaway distribution Timeline. This happens from the Day the Giveaway is completed. So its good idea to include ‘Distribution Timeline’ as part of Giveaway creation where user can define when distribution will happens. It can be a free text also where users can say, within 1 week OR within 10 Days etc.”

B. “Add the ability for the user to view their past giveaway on the giveaway page. Once the user login to the page by going to the history/Analytics page they can see their past giveaways and will be a good idea to add some statistics related to that giveaway if possible. For example, how many people saw the giveaway and engagement.”

C. “Winner à Everyone who is doing the giveaway is most concerned about the GAS FEE, especially in the ETH network, it will be a big help to the users if there are GAS FEE monitor features so they can monitor if the current, gas fee is low or high.”

The user will be able to pay out rewards with the best possible gas fee in v2. Same for the created giveaway — it will begin once the gas fee has a good price, meaning the giveaway will stay in the system as long as the gas fee decreases.

D. “Tips messages on bottom of the page “Select assets for your Giveaway Contract” are in red which makes it looks like an error message. Suggestion is to change the color of these messages.”

Fantastic feedback that has led to some pretty immediate decisions and updates. Distribution timelines, Intelligent gas tracker, user dashboards, and smoother UI will implemented in v2. The user will be able to pay out rewards with the best possible gas fee. Same for the created giveaway — it will begin once the gas fee has a good price, meaning the giveaway will stay in the system as long as the gas fee decreases.

Biggest Bug

Some of the testers reported that the Twitter links they were trying to add during the process of creating a giveaway campaign were not recognized and they received an alert message.

Bug explained:

When a user indicated that someone must, for example, like a post on Twitter to win the giveaway, a window opens where the user should paste the address of the given post. Regex ,which defines input, is designed to check the website and search for specific strings of characters to consider it as correct. And this string of characters can match 100%, 80%, 60%, so on and so forth, for user to be able to get approval on the link in our case.

Our regex was set the way that the string must match 100% otherwise it will give an error that the post address is invalid. We have adjusted the regex and the system now accounts for minor deviation.


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