VAIOT Project Update — 13.07.2022

3 min readJul 13, 2022

Hi VAIOTeers!

At VAIOT, we are constantly striving toward growth and improvement. While the current blockchain space might be a bit quiet, the VAIOT team is working hard on its products to bring you more excitement when the times are right.

To always keep you up to date and give you insights of what is happening at VAIOT, we are introducing the VAIOT Project Update series. The VAIOT Project Updates articles will be shared once a month and will showcase our developments, achievements and share with you any important announcements.

The VAIOT Development Team works on Easy Contracts solution

Our Development Team is working hard to deliver the Legal Assistant with best features and functionalities of its first iteration — The Easy Contracts application. We have already completed three sprints covering the development process of Easy Contracts and are currently developing new functionalities and enhancing the already existing ones as part of the current sprint.

So far, our development team has finalized the implementation of the full dialogue logic. Our users can interact with the Assistant via web browser and provide the input required for the contract creation. Our AI Assistant can distinguish whether user’s responses are valid and whether data provided by the user is in-line with agreements requirements and good practice. Moreover, the VAIOT Development Team implemented contract generation module. The adequate data is transferred to the generated agreement and is available for download after the conclusion of the dialogue with the Legal Assistant.

All additional information can be found in the regular series of Tech Updates available on our Medium page:

Incentive Program and Testnet Campaign

VAIOT Public Testnet was launched beginning of April. The VAIOT Community has opportunity to test our solution with the initial set of functionalities that includes a fully operational bock explorer with a staking option. For now, the current version is available for desktop only, but VAIOT’s Development Team is working on optimizing the application for mobile users as well.

To get the best possible returns and gather as much valuable feedback as possible, we need as many users to test our solution as possible. To keep our testing community involved, we introduced the Testnet Incentive Program that includes collecting points and winning exciting rewards.

Testnet testers can track the top scores on the online leaderboard available at: The Leaderboard is updated once a week, on Friday. To get more points and be on top, users can report bugs, send development suggestions for potential improvements and future functionalities, or share valuable feedback. For that, we have introduced the dedicated VAIOT Support Portal, where you can find different forms and use them to share with us some of your remarks. Additionally, it is possible to get extra points for being active in social media and sharing a word about VAIOT.

To know more visit:

Testnet can be accessed via:

Post-hack funds reimbursements

VAIOT Team stands to its promise and provides our investors with a post-hack reimbursement tranche of ETH/BNB every month with the final tranche coming in on 8th of August.

VFA regulations and related obligations of the Project

VAIOT is working on a conclusion of certain VFA regulation-related obligations almost every month. Last month, VAIOT’s tech and the security team were working with Systems Auditor — Fact Technologies, to finalize the Security Audit for 2022.


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