VAIOT Tech Update — 06.07.2022

2 min readJul 6, 2022

Hey VAIOTeers,

Welcome to the VAIOT Tech Updates series. Here, we are publishing the regular updates on the development progress of VAIOT’s Easy Contracts solution. You can find out what our development team has accomplished in the recent sprint, as well as what tasks are planned for the developers in the current one, and what Easy Contracts functionalities we are implementing.

If you missed the last tech update, have a look at: and stay up to date with everything our team is working on.

Last Development Sprint

Dialogue Logic

In the last sprint, our Development Team finalized the implementation of the full dialogue logic. The dialogue implementation enables user to have a full conversation with the AI Legal Assistant and provide the data required for the agreement creation that includes scope of the services subject to the contract, payment methods, schedules, etc.

PDF Agreement

The improvements made during the previous sprint, allow users to enjoy a better experience of the agreement creation process. VAIOT Development Team focused on the contract generation module. The input provided during the conversation with the AI legal Assistant is now automatically transferred to the generated agreement and is available for download once the dialogue is concluded.

So what is it going to happen in the current sprint of Easy Contracts development?

VAI Payback & VAI Payments

In the current sprint, our dev team will lay the foundation for the two important VAI Token utilities. VAI Payback allows users to regain some of the money spent on VAIOT’s Easy Contract generation by paying back the user with a % of the purchase amount in VAIs. The dev team will work on the architecture of the solution while preparing the basic logic within the platform. The Team will also look into the VAI Payments mechanism with both the initial work on the backend and necessary adjustments in the GUI.

Voice Engine Adjustment

As part of polishing work on the dialogue flow, the dev team will work on enhancing the voice engine allowing it to capture data provided by voice more smoothly and precisely.


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