VAIOT’s Team Expansion Initiative

The VAIOT Team is always expanding. We began with fewer than ten people on board and have since grown to a team of 26, and it’s only just beginning. Because the crypto and blockchain environments are demanding, VAIOT faces numerous challenges that contribute to the success of our work. One of those challenges is finding the right people to contribute to the company.

We intend to expand our core development team to work on projects and software solutions that VAIOT is developing, maintaining, or planning to develop. Our software engineers work tirelessly to ensure that our product meets the highest industry standards. Customers expect new solutions and functionalities of the offered products as the volume of business and development grows, and investors expect satisfying results as the marketplace becomes more demanding.


VAIOT has recently acquired a few partnerships, commercial agreements, and prospects that necessitate significant development resources. And herein lies the core of the first challenge: one of the challenges: we need more people on board to stimulate our development processes, deliver solutions in accordance with plans and contracts, and achieve ever-increasing milestones. It’s no secret that having the right people doing the right thing is crucial. VAIOT is always on the lookout for blockchain developers, AI developers and experts, software engineers and testers — thus if you possess the necessary skills, we invite you to join our team.

Along with the company’s growth, the VAIOT development team will be divided into groups representing the various business/product lines on which VAIOT works. The first and second business line products (at least their B2B options) are custom-tailored and built on an individual basis.

We tailor our product to the needs of each customer and the industry in which they work. As a result, we need people who are willing to take on the challenge of developing a product tailored to a specific client. Brokers for cryptocurrency and AI Legal Assistants require a different approach (as these are mostly B2C and C2C solutions), necessitating the use of dedicated development teams.

Having separate development teams for each of the business lines will make process organization and implementation easier because due to the specified skillsets brought in to meet the milestones assigned to a given group. Each team will have a dedicated product owner or team leader who will oversee team decisions and report to the Head of Product Development to ensure the team’s success.

The team expands and departments split. We may be building a force of talented developers, but if they are unable to effectively communicate and collaborate with other teams while improving and building our products, we will fail. We need more people on board to represent various areas that are just as important as the development team and will help us get our products to market quickly.

A Strong and Diverse Team

First and foremost, we are expanding our Advisory Team. Because VAIOT’s products are available and made for a wide range of industries and sectors, we are looking for experts in those fields to share their experience and knowledge.

Our goal is to create an AI Legal Assistant that focuses on contract analysis as well as the automatic creation of ready-to-sign traditional contracts and their digital equivalents. Law professionals and people with LegalTech experience are a great addition. If you believe you can add value and have knowledge and experience working in some of our focus areas, please contact us!

Sales and Business Development is another aspect of the project that requires a strong team of professionals and creative individuals. The Sales & Business Development team assists the company in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities. Their ongoing work includes research, market analysis, and identifying new competitive products and customer needs. Building a balanced team should prioritize the environment in which we operate — the crypto and blockchain space, as well as traditional business development to secure commercial contracts. VAIOT is always on the lookout for new business development opportunities and people who can bring them to the table.


VAIOT, as most of you are probably aware, is a regulated project. And being regulated in the crypto space is no easy task. So many rules to follow, procedures to follow, and audits to perform. It has an impact on sales processes, but it ensures that we are clear on AML/CFT (Anti Money Laundering / Counter Financing of Terrorism) and provide credibility to our investors and community.

Before entering any business relationship, we must always take appropriate precautions to ensure that it does not pose risks to VAIOT. In line with this, the VAIOT compliance team invests heavily in regular checks and verification processes. Growing and becoming more visible necessitates more business relationships as well as the need for experienced compliance professionals to ensure VAIOT remains transparent and secure.

Scaling Up with Development

We are concerned about our community’s satisfaction with the project. As a result, we are planning a gradual development of our marketing team to ensure that our community is always satisfied. Social media has fundamentally altered the way marketing operates. The community’s feedback and shared thoughts paint a picture of what customers value and expect, as well as how we should approach them. Based on that, we know where we should concentrate our efforts in terms of product development. As a result, community management and a strong marketing team to lead it are critical to the project’s success. We are always looking for strong and dedicated community managers from a variety of backgrounds.

We must not overlook project managers, those in charge of operational processes and administrative tasks — they may not be on the front lines, but they are critical to VAIOT delivering on its promises. If you have prior experience coordinating and managing technical projects or processes, you could be an excellent addition to our team. At VAIOT, we believe that two distinct criteria — job-specific skills and the proactiveness and creativity that we seek in all of our employees — are equally important.

We’re not just looking for someone to fill a position. Hiring the wrong person for a smaller group of employees can be disastrous. Because we are moving quickly, we must be highly selected in search of a natural fit. We’re looking for someone who can bring a fresh perspective to our team to help us grow our business.

Growth and achievement of milestones are only possible if we have a strong team to support us. Hiring people who bring creativity and ideas is always a good idea.

If you are interested in starting your career with VAIOT, please send your resume to

VAIOT is currently looking for a Blockchain Developer to join our team! Have a look at the full job description below! ⬇️



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VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.