VAIOT x Avarta — Reimagining Digital Wallet Use Through AI

  • Intelligent Contracts for Avarta’s Wallet users for everyday use-cases.
  • Exploration of VAIOT’s KYC Platform utilization by Avarta.

VAIOT is thrilled to announce our partnership with Avarta, the decentralized multi-chain wallet provider that lets its users utilize on-chain military-grade security that they can control from their mobile devices. Through this partnership, VAIOT aims to implement Avarta’s trust score tech solutions into VAIOT’s Intelligent solutions, such as in the meta agreements between virtual tenants and landlords.

Furthermore, with this partnership, Avarta will be exploring the option of using VAIOT’s Artificial Intelligence enhanced KYC platform. That said, with this partnership, Avarta’s users can use their mobile crypto wallet to purchase a car in full, pay for groceries, or create customized “intelligent contracts” in digital and real-world format. All of this is possible by having a conversation with the AI-powered personal assistant.

About Avarta

Avarta provides blockchain users with a decentralized multi-chain wallet equipped with military-grade security you can control from your mobile device. The Avarta crypto wallet boasts keyless biometric technologies that promote a permissionless environment in which users can securely and seamlessly exchange crypto across various blockchain platforms. In addition, their Trust Score system lowers the risk of investing and trading in crypto assets as more adopters recognize the value of a DeFi system that cuts out the middleman such as banks.

Avarta’s community: Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn |


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to supply automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable. Delivering full-stack technology solutions in AI and Blockchain.

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