VAIOT Weekly Brief 31.05.2021

Happy Monday VAIOTeers, we hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. We’re here to start your week off with an overview of everything that is going on at VAIOT. 🙌🙌

Last Week:

We’ve not been sitting still at VAIOT! Instead, we are working extremely hard behind the scenes to get even more visibility for our BSC Bridge adoption. Stay tuned to find out what we’ve been working on.

Last week, VAIOT worked on the creation of a special video explaining the AI Broker and Aggregator to both our blockchain as well as the business audience. This video is aimed at further illustrating the different functionalities of the Broker, and thus securing more use cases for its adoption.


Some of you might have heard that VAIOT is exploring the use case in the Canadian immigration market through the examination of AI solutions for immigration lawyers to tackle the massive backlog plaguing Canadian immigration. With that in mind, VAIOT is attending product development workshops related to this subject to be sure that VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant solution is of the highest standard and ready for use within such sensitive markets.

In case you’ve missed anything, we have lined up our Meet VAIOT Episode, the latest VAIOT articles, and more below.

Current Initiatives:

The VAIOT BSC Bridge comes with many new opportunities and possible adaptations of the $VAI Token. Thus, while our development team is putting the final efforts on the first version of the BSC Bridge, our marketing team is working hard to procure some great new exchange listings on the BSC for $VAI.

We wouldn’t be fully regulated if we didn’t have regular audits relating to anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, and private data security. Last week and all throughout the month, we will therefore be undergoing more audits to assure VAIOT is up to standard with all the latest rules and can continue to assure the security of your assets as well as data.

This Week:

We’re thrilled to announce that VAIOT will be holding an AMA on Friday the 4th of June at 2 PM UTC on the BSC_Talks channel which you can find here:

Tune in to have all your questions about VAIOT and the BSC Bridge answered!

VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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