VAIOT Weekly Brief — 20.09.2021

Hey, happy Monday to all VAIOTeers! At VAIOT we are working hard on the release of the Broker Platform BETA as the countdown has begun. Only a few more days, which means we are up to a whole bunch of things, have a look at last week’s activities and everything coming up!

Last Week:

VAIOT started the second iteration of “The Broker” Campaign

The VAIOT team is beyond excited to announce that the development team has started the second iteration of “The Broker” Campaign. Now, what does that mean? Simple, a lot more content, information, and of course, fun AMAs are coming your way! And who knows what else 😉.

VAIOT has finalized thematic concepts for “The Broker” pages and software UI

With the help of our design partners Flying Bisons, we have been able to finalize the thematic concepts for “The Broker” landing pages as well as the software user interface. That said, VAIOT is continuing with the implementation this week.

AML/CFT audits completed by Grant Thornton

In between all the developments and excitement regarding the Broker Platform, all the normal activities are of course still going on as well. Thus, VAIOT has just completed another round of auditing by Grant Thornton.

Internal Testing of VAIOT’s Crypto Protection Broker concluded

Testing, testing, and more testing is what it comes down to when launching a new product. But we are excited to say that VAIOT’s Crypto Protection Broker has now concluded its internal testing phase. We are looking ahead to the BETA version launch and of course, will invite the community to join us! If you would like to participate in the BETA Testing, keep an eye out for more information on our socials.


Generic AI Assistant’s flows for public administration services and KYC process delivered

VAIOT is working on the generic Artificial Intelligence Assistant’s flows for public administration services and KYC processes. Last week, we were able to deliver some of these flows. We are excited about it and will be continuing our work on the AI flows. VAIOT now has generic mobile applications that allow our clients and business partners to test the AI Assistant covering public administration process and KYC processes which is essential for sales and business development.

VAIOT’s Team was interviewed by Stacking Ventures!

Recently, our team members Michal Szachno Co-Founder of VAIOT, and Anthony Blackburn Chief Marketing Officer were interviewed by Stacking Ventures about the upcoming Broker Launch and more. Have a look at the interview via the link below.

Current Initiatives

And then, with the development of “The Broker” landing page well underway, the VAIOT team will be adding finishing touches throughout the week. Making it all ready in time for launch. Furthermore, the Launch of the BETA version of the Crypto Broker is being prepared by the development team. And while the development and marketing team is busy with the Broker, the Business Development team is its efforts on the onboarding of partners who will be joining the Crypto Broker BETA platform.

This Week:

  • VAIOT is joining an AMA with the IM Community at 11 AM UTC on the 20th of September! ✨
  • VAIOT “The Broker” Campaign News is coming your way 👀👀

For more information about VAIOT, visit our website, or have a look at our Twitter and Telegram Community.



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