VAIOT Weekly Brief - 15.03.2021

7 min readMar 15, 2021


Happy Monday VAIOTeers! The VAIOT team is proud to announce the first installment of our newsletter, the VAIOT Weekly Brief. The weekly brief will showcase our recent, current, and future developments to give you an up-to-date look at VAIOT’s journey towards global adoption.

In this week’s installment, we will be covering our entire first month’s achievements, as well as share a major announcement from the dev team that will change the way you interact with $VAI.

Incentive Programs ☝️

Successful launch of $VAI/ETH LP staking:

To kick off our VAIOT rewards programs, we successfully rolled out our $VAI Token Liquidity Incentive program. VAI/ETH liquidity providers will be rewarded from a pool of 210,000 VAI tokens, that’s 70,000 VAIs per month! The more significant share in the total LPs staked, the higher the amount of rewards you’ll receive.

For anyone who is interested, the details can be found below:

● You can begin staking here:

Official VAI Token Smart Contract Address: 0x9f801c1f02af03cc240546dadef8e56cd46ea2e9

Uniswap Contract Address: 0x454d7156b0F62f61E7F2Ad6A65D29Ce681D6D354

Re-launched $VAI Pre-Staking with improved rewards:

As a thank you to our community, the VAIOT team decided to revamp the pre-staking program by increasing the APY and adding instant withdrawals! You can now deposit your VAI tokens via our Pre-Staking Dapp and start earning more VAI today! ;)


The initial reward rate will be 35% per year (annualized). However, depending on how much is staked the reward rate will increase by 2% for up to 9 months:

0 –2,500,000 VAIs staked: 35% annual reward rate
2,500,000–5,000,000 VAIs staked: 37% annual reward rate
5,000,000–7,500,000 VAIs staked: 39 % annual reward rate
7,500,000–10,000,000 VAIs staked: 41% annual reward rate

You can begin staking here:

For everybody who participated in our VAI Pre-staking V1, you will not be able to claim your rewards until May 2021, but we will be compensating all early stakers with EXTRA $VAI rewards!!

To Recap:

Start Date: 10.03.2021
Duration: Approx. 9 months
Rewards: Accumulated from the very beginning
Withdrawals: Now available to be processed at any time

Launched Social Mining Program:

On Thursday, February 18th, we launched our community incentive program in cooperation with TIXL. VAIOTeers are able to sign up and earn rewards for creating medium articles, memes, and other creative media to earn from a pool of $1000 in VAI tokens distributed quarterly. Depending on the effort required for each activity you will earn different points. The more you spread the word, the more VAIs you win!

The steps are simple:

  1. Join the Social Mining Club here
  2. Spread the word
  3. Accumulate points
  4. Earn VAI tokens!

We will also be adding more ways for you to earn points in the near future!

Partnerships ☝️

Secured first commercial partnership with Supra Bazar:

We are extremely proud of our first commercial partnership with SupraBazar, one of the leading retail companies in Belgium that has been in business for over 55 years. The pilot implementation includes adding an innovative, intelligent sales and customer services channel that will be delivered to the client as a voice commerce solution, allowing customers to acquire goods and services using voice in the existing Supra Bazar’s digital channels to enhance sales and service quality using AI. For more details, please visit our medium article regarding this deal.

Full article can be found here

Oracle Partnership with Chainlink:

VAIOT has officially announced the use of Chainlink oracles to accelerate the development of its Intelligent Contracts! Chainlink is the market-leading decentralized oracle network in the space, and we are excited to finalize this deal and begin adopting their systems. We will be leveraging Chainlink’s Price Feed oracles for fiat-to-crypto exchange rates, ensuring our users receive fair market subsidies when they purchase AI assistant services. Additionally, our Intelligent Contracts will reference Chainlink Price Feeds to enable users to pay in various crypto and fiat currencies when accessing VAIOT services like fully-automated insurance contracts that leverage blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Some of the integrations we are currently exploring are price feeds for BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and GBP/USD. We will also be looking to sponsor the launch of a VAI/USD Price Feed for accurate conversions between VAI and USD among others to further expand VAIOT’s support for more cryptocurrency and fiat payment options.

For more information, see the full article here.

Chainlink also hosted us in an AMA to celebrate the launch of our partnership that can be found here.

Technical Partnership with ORAI:

VAIOT has made a commitment to being at the forefront of Blockchain and AI technology. That is why we were proud to announce our technical partnership with ORAIchain, the world’s first AI-powered oracle platform. They will provide their decentralized AI-powered oracle services for our AI virtual assistance. Oraichain aggregates and connects Artificial Intelligence APIs to smart contracts and will power VAIOT’s IVAs connecting off-chain data to the Blockchain via its data oracle platform enhanced by AI technology.

Oraichain will explore the implementation of VAIOT’s native token (VAI) as a staking or liquidity mining option on, Oraichain’s flagship DeFi platform using unique AI-based features and strategies. To further strengthen the partnership, VAIOT became a Genesis validator on the Oraichain Mainnet Launch on February 24th, making history as one of the first validators helping secure the Oraichain network.

You can find the full article here.

Strategic Partnership with the PAID Network:

When it comes to the DeLa (Decentralized Law) space, VAIOT believes that those who travel together travel furthest. Our two disruptive powerhouses will join forces to redefine the legacy systems. PAID Network is an ecosystem DAPP that leverages blockchain technology to deliver DeFi powered SMART Agreements to make business exponentially more efficient. The creation of this Alliance will unite PAID Network and VAIOT in their mission to redefine how people do business with one another.

The full article can be found here.

Highlights ☝️

VAIOT reaches #1 most searched on CoinGecko

The VAIOT team is humbled by the massive support we have been seeing from our community and those that helped us reach the most searched project on CoinGecko. The team is committed to continuing to bring our supporters more news, content, partnerships, and service developments. We are just getting started!

AMAs with Chainlink, Facemelters, DeFi Raccoons & Infinity Gainz

As the project has been progressing, so has its marketing aspirations. The team has been actively scaling up community outreach, evidenced by our recent AMA appearances with Chainlink, Facemelters, DeFi Raccoons, and Infinity Gainz. A major thanks to all of our hosts!

Links to AMA Transcripts can be found below:

AMA with Chainlink:

AMA with Infinity Gainz:

AMA with DeFi Raccons:

*For the AMA with Facemelters, please request in our TG and we can provide it for you*

VAIOT featured on CryptoSlate & Yahoo Finance

VAIOT has been gaining media attention as the first crypto project to be approved by the Maltese government and our recent partnership with Supra Bazar. More features to come this year!

Crypto Slate Feature:

Yahoo Feature:

Successfully completed Beta Testing round 2 sign-ups

We are happy to announce that the sign-ups for the second round of Beta testing were a success! Due to the large number of applicants, we are still in the screening process. More info on live dates to come!

You can find more details here

This Week ☝️

New media from our “Meet VAIOT” series:

We are excited to release episode 4 of our “Meet VAIOT” series, connecting you with our featured team members and sharing details about how different elements of the VAIOT project operate. Our next episode will be dropping today, introducing our new marketing manager Anthony Blackburn.

Beta Testing whitelisting and launch:

Having successfully completed the sign-up process, we will be looking to complete the screening and whitelisting process this week before our imminent Beta Testing launch.

The rewards for active participants are as follows:

Each tester will receive $20 in VAI tokens! The five most active testers will be rewarded with an additional:

1st: $1000 in VAI
2nd: $600 in VAI
3rd: $400 in VAI
4th: $250 in VAI
5th: $100 in VAI

More details to come later in the week.

Release of updated and detailed road map:

We have been working around the clock to share more of the mini-milestones VAIOT is working on with an updated road map. We are also planning on making the road map an interactive experience as well in the near future.

More AMAs

In our continued effort to spread the word to new communities, we are currently in talks for more AMAs to be done in the following week. Stay tuned for announcements!

A special message from our Dev team 🙌

“Hello to all of our VAIOTeers! The dev team has been hard at work and are deep in the development stages of a BSC bridge that will come out very soon.”. — Jakub Kobeldys, Lead Developer

Yes, that’s right. Our devs have been hard at work developing the VAI BSC bridge! We understand that gas fees can be expensive, and integrating with BSC will allow us to run all our dApps we previously launched on Ethereum but will incur significantly less transaction fees. The team is still in discussion on how we will best utilize the bridge but we will be looking to apply its benefits to some of our existing programs once it’s completed.

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