VAIOT Weekly Brief — 12.04.2021

Happy Monday, VAIOTeers! 👩‍💻

We’re happy to share another week full of events with you, as well as recapping our KuCoin AMA, regulatory audits and VAIOT’s 30,000 VAI contest details announced!

Last Week:

VAIOT featured on multiple popular YouTube channels! 🎉 ✨

It was a busy week last week, and we’d like to give a special thanks to Crypto DeFi Dad and CryptoWiseGuys for their support and mentioning us in their YouTube episodes. See the videos below, if you haven’t been able to watch them yet.

VAIOT Hit 7.000 Followers on Twitter!

We also like to thank YOU! For your support and giving us a follow, on Twitter. This week, we’ve reached 7.000 VAIOTeers, and we’re excited to continue doing our best and working hard to keep the community growing.

KuCoin AMA in front of 120.000 viewers

On the 6th of April, 2021, we joined an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) in the KuCoin Exchange Group, led by our COO Pawel Andruszkiewicz, lead developer Jakub Kobeldys, Co-Founder and Blockchain Expert Michal Szachno, and Marketing Manager Anthony Blackburn. During the session we discussed our new listing, future plans and more. If you’ve missed it, have a look at the link below for the recap article.


We will be extending the team with a Product Owner/Dev Manager 🚀🚀

We’re excited to announce that we will shortly extend our team with a Product Owner or Product Development Manager. Our team has been growing rapidly lately, and so has our following. We’re very grateful for all the hard work and are looking forward to adding even more additions to our team.

Completed staking subscription period on KuCoin Exchange. 💰

This week, we also completed $VAI staking deposits on KuCoin Exchange. The deposit period was open until Sunday, the 11th of April 2021. Staking on KuCoin is not possible for now but keep your eye out for any updates as this might change in the future.

Current Initiatives:

VAIOT has begun adding product development specialists ahead of Mainnet launch

As we set out to deliver our products and services, we are currently working on adding experts that will help us further develop our product lines to make them more effective and user friendly. The professionals will help us with this process as we continue to scale services.

AML/CFT audit by independent external auditor (as part of VFA regulatory requirements)

Furthermore, as part of the VFA regulatory requirements, we’ve conducted an anti-money laundering audit this week. VAIOT is committed to practices within the confines of our regulators and will continue to seek their guidance through all our developments.

This Week:

VAIOT launched a Net Buying competition with $30.000 in VAI Prizes!

Become a new $VAI buyer and win a share of $30.000 in prizes! During the campaign period which starts today, newly registered KuCoin users who have a Net Buying Volume (NBV) of 50 VAI and pass KYC1 will be considered as qualified users. The ranking of the first 100 qualified users will be based on the completion time of meeting the NBV requirement. For the first 100 qualified users, each user will receive $25 in VAI!!

And that’s not all! We will also run a lucky draw to distribute an additional $500 in VAI evenly split to 10 lucky users!

  • Furthermore, keep an eye out for an exciting new week filled with announcements and events🎉

Special Message From VAIOT:

Hello, VAIOTeers! We would like to give all our followers, supporters and all other people who have mentioned us in their videos and articles a special ‘thank you’ for your support.”

  • Gisele Schout — Marketing Expert

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VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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