VAIOT Weekly Brief — 10.01.2022

VAIOT’s Weekly Brief is back, and we’re excited for all things to come in 2022! Here’s what the team was working on last week.

Last Week:

VAIOT Participated in the DeFi of Thrones Tournament ⚔️ 💎

Last week, VAIOT went to war and participated in the DeFi of Thrones; the first gamified DeFi wars platform on BSC in their tournament.

We kicked-off 2022 with a brand-new partnership with MetaFabric 🔥

In other fun VAIOT news, we kicked off the year with an exciting partnership with MetaFabric. MetaFabric offers a messenger allowing users to message any wallet address. Additionally, users can message holders of any other token and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that they hold. Moreover, users can select who can and can’t reach out to them according to holdings or net worth, thus avoiding spam and other unwanted messages.

For more information on the partnership, have a look at the full announcement.

VAIOT’s Broker Team further improved respective AI Assistant dialogues

The Broker AI Assistant development team continued their ongoing work on the dialogues of the AI Assistant. Machine learning is a big part of the AI Assistants' ability to grow and thus, for VAIOT’s solutions to do the same. Feeding it more and more information and possibilities are what helps build its database of knowledge. Therefore, the VAIOT development team works hard on getting the AI as smart as it could be, helping you get even better service.


VAIOT’s Development Team is working on the final details of the VAIOT Cosmos Testnet 🚀

We’re getting closer and closer to being able to share all the info on the VAIOT Blockchain Testnet. Our Head of Development is working tirelessly on enhancing and putting in the final details. More news will be shared shortly.

VAIOT Business Development team is working on onboarding and obtaining additional validators for VAIOT’s blockchain

There’s no Proof-of-Stake blockchain without its amazing team of validators keeping it together. Therefore, the VAIOT Business Development team is obtaining additional validators to have as many as possible run nodes on testnet.

Upcoming Week and Current Initiatives

  • The VAIOT Marketing Team is preparing new staking campaigns, the VAIOT blockchain launch, and additional news 👀
  • More VAIOT KuCoin Staking news 🤩


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable.

For more information about VAIOT, visit our website, or have a look at the Twitter and Telegram Community.



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