VAIOT $VAI Airdrop on the Polygon Chain

Today, at 11 AM CET, VAIOT will be kicking off the pre-final phase of our reimbursement plan. Throughout the day, all VAIOT holders will receive their reimbursement in the form of NEW Polygon-based $VAI received via your MetaMask wallet. The reimbursement will include the rewards gained from liquidity staking and pre-staking pools. To ensure you have the MetaMask set up for Polygon, have a look at our previous guide here.

As the $VAI assets will be airdropped on Polygon, you will need to bridge them to Ethereum if you’d like to be able to utilize the staking pools and/or trade on Centralized Exchanges such as KuCoin or All the information on bridging can be found in the link below. To ease the bridging for our holders, we will be airdropping the one-time bridge cost on the Polygon side (in $MATIC) for your Polygon-based $VAI to Ethereum on the same day as the $VAI airdrop.

Please note: The new, Polygon-based $VAI cannot be sent to CEXs directly yet, and trying to do so will lead to the permanent loss of assets. Do not send your new, Polygon-based $VAI to KuCoin and/or directly, before bridging them to ETH, or you’ll lose your assets.

That said, VAIOT will launch a community poll on whether $VAI should be relisted on Uniswap and whether liquidity should be added to this DEX, today. VAIOT Team would like to understand the community’s sentiment on Uniswap listing since such a listing will require the Team to move/split part of the liquidity from Centralized Exchanges (KuCoin, to Uniswap liquidity poll. Understanding our community’s expectations and needs in that regard would allow us to make an informed decision on whether increased liquidity should be kept in full on CEXs or partially moved to Uniswap.

If the poll presents enough sentiment towards Uniswap relisting, $VAI will be relisted on Uniswap with the VAIOT Team adding initial liquidity ahead of the high APR liquidity staking program being started on Monday 4th of April.

Furthermore, due to the complexity of those operations, VAIOT will not be airdropping $BNB and $ETH on the same day as $VAI. More information will be released on the airdrop of these assets on Monday, the 4th of April 2022.

Staking $VAI

If there is enough sentiment towards Uniswap relisting, on Monday, the 4th of April, the new Liquidity Staking Pool on Uniswap will be launched. After which, you will be able to once again earn yourself some nice APR!! The table below illustrates the characteristics of the upcoming LP staking pool.

VAI LP Pools Characteristics

VAIOT will also relaunch the pre-staking contracts for $VAI, which will happen next week (04.04–08.04). More details on the new, beneficial rewards scheme will be presented early next week.

Accessing $VAI and Trading After Airdrop

Once everything is complete, you can choose to re-stake, hold or trade your brand-new $VAI assets. It is important, however, to note that for all of these you will need to bridge from Polygon to the Ethereum Network. After bridging, your assets can be found in the MetaMask wallet by adding the new token address and $VAI under “add assets”. If you want to trade new VAI after the airdrop, you will need to send it through to the ETH network via Bridge and afterward trade on Uniswap, KuCoin, or Gate. Once again, all information on bridging your assets can be found here.

Kindly note that VAIOT is currently negotiating the option of enabling deposits for Polygon-based $VAI with KuCoin and

We’d like to thank the entire VAIOT community for their patience and understanding during this month, and are happy to continue with such wonderful support.

Please note, if you are experiencing any issues with the airdrop of the new $VAI, you can report them under we will get back to you as soon as possible!

The current and ONLY token address for the NEW $VAI is: 0xD13cfD3133239a3c73a9E535A5c4DadEE36b395c

For more information about VAIOT, visit our website, or have a look at our Twitter and Telegram Community.



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