VAIOT Tech Update — 22.06.2022

3 min readJun 22, 2022


Hey VAIOTeers,

Welcome to the VAIOT Tech Updates series. Here, we are sharing with you the regular updates on VAIOT’s Easy Contracts solution’s development progress, what our development team has managed to achieve in the previous sprint, what is happening in the current one, and what Easy Contracts functionalities we are implementing.

For more information, see the full article on how the development process at VAIOT works, which methodologies we use, and who is directly engaged in the process:

Last Development Sprint

Blockchain Integration

During the last sprint, our Development Team has implemented basic mechanics required for the Easy Contracts integration with VAIOT’s Cosmos-based testnet. Target blockchain integration includes AI Payback mechanism, VAI payments and digital contracts generation.

PDF Agreement

As you all know, the idea behind the AI Legal Assistant includes creation of agreements between two parties. During the last sprint, our Development Team worked on the component for the generation of PDF version of Easy Contracts. The work done allows for PDF files (mocked agreements) to be available for download after the dialogue with the AI Assistant is concluded. The target solution will allow to review, and negotiate contracts between two parties.

Tutorial for Users

The improvements made during the previous sprint, also allow users to access a brief tutorial explaining the fundamentals behind the interaction with the Intelligent Legal Assistant and the specifics of how the Easy Contracts Assistant’s contract generation functionality works.

So what is it going to happen in the current sprint of Easy Contracts development?

Dialogue fields validation

VAIOT Development Team is going to implement the field validation which ensures that each field, so basically your every answer, is correct, clear and contains the right information, as required for the contract creation, before you can continue the negotiations with the AI Legal Assistant. Our Intelligent Assistant will be able to distinguish whether user’s responses are valid and adequate to the asked questions and whether the input provided is in-line with contract requirements and good practice. E.g., once asked about the customer’s address, Intelligent Assistant verifies whether it is correct. Our users will enjoy a better experience knowing that the data their have provided has been validated.

PDF Agreement

In the current sprint, we are also enhancing the module of generating the PDF agreement. VAIOT Development Team will implement a functionality that allows for the data, provided by user during the conversation with the AI Legal Assistant, to be automatically added in a right form and to the right clause in the generated agreement.


Additionally, we are also enhancing performance and appearance of the software. VAIOT Internal Testers are thoroughly testing the app to ensure that all functionalities are operational and that consumers will benefit most from using the Easy Contracts app. We will keep running UI and UX tests throughout the entire AI Legal Assistant development life cycle.


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