VAIOT Tech Update — 20.07.2022

3 min readJul 20, 2022


Hello VAIOTeers!

Another sprint brings the newest updates on our development progress of VAIOT’s Easy Contracts solution.

In the Tech Updates series, we are sharing with you our development process insights, what our team has accomplished in the previous sprint, what is planned for the current one, what tasks our developers have and what kind of features and functionalities they are working on to ensure that the Easy Contract solution meets all the requirements and ensures smooth interactions with the user.

If you still don’t know how the development process at VAIOT works and what methodology we are using to make our processes better, go and check our Medium article:

Last Development Sprint

Last Friday, we have completed another sprint covering Easy Contract development. If you are curious and want to know more, here comes the overview of the modules and functionalities developed by the VAIOT Development Team.

VAI Payback & VAI Payments

In the last sprint, our Development Team worked on the VAI Token utilities: VAI Payback and VAI Payments. VAI Payback allows user to get some VAI returns from the transaction. After finalizing the transaction, a part of the purchase value is returned to the user as a payback bonus in VAI Tokens. The % of the transaction amount in VAIs is then transferred to the user’s Payback Bonus Wallet and can be then used to buy services through VAIOT’s intelligent channels. In this Sprint, our devs focused mainly on the architecture while preparing the frontend to integrate the VAI Payback feature. The dev team also further explored the VAI Payments mechanism. We worked on preliminary backend implications and necessary adjustments in the GUI.

Voice Engine Adjustment

The improvements made during the last sprint also concerned working on the dialogue flow and polishing some of its functionalities. The dev team focused on enhancing the voice engine that allows for speech to text mechanism. The Legal Assistant will be able to precisely capture the data provided by the user in the course of the conversation.

So what is it going to happen in the current sprint of Easy Contracts development?


In the current sprint, we are improving software’s performance and appearance. To guarantee that all functionalities are operational and bug free, VAIOT Internal Testers are thoroughly testing the app. The tests include evaluating Easy Contracts application functionalities and features both on web and mobile browsers.

PDF Agreement

We will be also further enhancing the module of the PDF agreement generation. More precisely, we are implementing the functionality that will disable a user from concluding the contract if they are not connected to their wallet. The alert informing about necessary activity will appear on the pdf document and will request from the user to connect their wallet before finalizing the Easy Contract generation process.

VAI Payback & VAI Payments

The Team continues to work on the VAI Payback and Payments features to bring backend mechanics into life and prepare it for the integration with the frontend of the Easy Contracts application.


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