VAIOT Tech Update — 18.08.2022

3 min readAug 18, 2022

Hi VAIOTeers!

Welcome to the VAIOT’s Tech Updates series.

Here, we are sharing with you our development process insights, what our team has accomplished in the last development sprint, what tasks are planned for the VAIOT’s developers in the current one, and what Easy Contracts functionalities and modules we are integrating.

If you are still unsure how the development process at VAIOT works, what methodology, strategy and approach we employ to enhance our processes within the development team, go and check our Medium article:

Last Development Sprint

Last week, we have completed another sprint during which the VAIOT Development Team was working on the Easy Contracts application. In this section of the Tech Update, we will be discussing what our team managed to achieve and what functionalities and modules have been already implemented.

Document Preview Option

In the previous development sprint, VAIOT’s dev team implemented a module that allows user to preview the agreement they created in the Easy Contracts application. Option to see the document to e.g., check if the data provided during the conversation with the Intelligent Assistant is correct, is available at any time of the contract negotiation process. The preview will show only the part of the contract that has been already agreed with the AI Assistant and will reflect the missing parts and information that the user still needs to provide.

The preview is always on, no matter if the process just started or is coming to an end. To keep the contract secure and prevent users from the illicit use of the agreement, the document is watermarked, and the user cannot copy the text visible in the preview window. The option to remove the watermark and download the document is covered in more detail below and is part of the current sprint.

So what is it going to happen in the current sprint of Easy Contracts development?

Payment Mechanism

Implementation of the payment mechanism is essential at this stage of the development progress. Users to download the PDF agreement they created through the conversation with the Intelligent Assistant first need to make a payment for the services offered by the Easy Contracts application. This option will be available at any time of the contract negotiation process so that the user can pay for their agreement even before finalizing the conversation with the assistant. Once the payment is made, the user can download the contract and negotiate it with Party B. For now, the dev team focuses on the traditional payment options, by card. Such card payment will also be subject to a VAI Payback.

Changes in GUI

In the current sprint, the VAIOT’s dev team will also be also focusing on few changes in the user interface of the Easy Contracts solution to ensure that the contract negotiation process is easy, intuitive, and interactive. The changes in GUI will also reflect recently implemented functionalities such as Contract Preview.


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