VAIOT Tech Update — 08.06.2022

4 min readJun 8, 2022


Happy Wednesday VAIOTeers!

To always keep you up to date on our development status, we are starting with the new series, the Tech Updates, that will provide you information on VAIOT’s Easy Contracts solution’s development progress.

The Tech Updates series will showcase what our development team has managed to achieve in the recent sprint, as well as what is happening in the current one, and what Easy Contracts functionalities we are implementing.

Tech Updates will be shared every two weeks on Wednesday. Keep an eye on our announcements and follow our development team’s achievements.

For more information, see the full article on how the development process at VAIOT works, which methodologies we use, and who is directly engaged in the process:

Last Development Sprint

Last Friday we’ve completed the second sprint covering Easy Contracts development. In case you’re curious on what our devs were working on, here comes an overview of the modules and functionalities developed:

Dialogue and User-Interface

During the last sprint, our Development Team focused on the dialogue design and implementation (coding) and the amended user-interface design for our Easy Contracts Assistant. So far, users can interact with our Easy Contracts Assistant via a web browser. The dialogue implementation covered developing the full conversational cycle between user A and the AI Assistant allowing to provide necessary inputs for the contract being created. Such provided data inputs are then recorded and used by the contract generation modules. The types of data inputs gathered by the Easy Contracts Assistant include the party B details, scope of the services subject to the contract, payment methods and schedules, etc. Easy Contracts Assistant interface, in the target solution, will allow to provide inputs in various ways using doc scanning, OCR, file uploads, etc. The dialogue itself is a sequenced mechanism allowing to obtain all necessary details to prepare the agreement and allow for a negotiation process with Party B to occur.

With current developments, we already got started with the initial testing and from there on enhancing the current design, software performance, and overall conversational flow based on the experiences of the internal VAIOT testers. The business side of the product development team can propose functionalities or feature adjustments to the application that they find necessary at this stage of the product development.

We keep our hand on the wheel with our developed products and where necessary adjust them to guarantee our customers the best experiences.

Keep Track of the Answers

Last sprint’s developments also allow for the user to keep track of the answers and data inputs provided in the conversation with the Easy Contracts Assistant. Once, the user provides an answer to a question or provides certain data, the abstract will appear on the right–hand progress bar component. It is possible to see the full summary or hide the answers using the designated button. The target solution will allow the user to go back to a certain data input and adjust if necessary. This component will also be automatically updated every time a change in the terms of the agreement occurs as a result of a negotiation process with Party B.

So what is it going to happen in the current sprint of Easy Contracts development?

Blockchain Integration

Due to Easy Contracts Assistant introducing various elements of VAI’s token utility such as the VAI Payback mechanism or VAI payments as well as blockchain functions, including digital contract generation, it is necessary to start blockchain integration as soon as possible. In the current sprint, VAIOT’s development team will strive to achieve the first level of integration with VAIOT’s Cosmos-based blockchain.

Tutorial for users

We are going to implement the new component of the Easy Contracts dialogue. As in the previously developed assistant, we are aware of how important the entry information about the app for the user is. At this stage of the development process, our team will add a small tutorial explaining the basics behind interacting with the voice assistant and necessary details on the mechanics behind contract creation by the Easy Contracts Assistant. Our users will enjoy a better experience knowing exactly how certain functionalities work.

PDF Agreement

Moreover, the idea behind AI Legal Assistant includes the creation of agreements between parties. In this sprint, the dev team will focus to enable, once the conversation with the assistant is finished, a generation of PDF file (mocked agreement) which will become available for download and review by the user.

Keep Track of the Answers

In the current sprint, we are also enhancing the functionality of tracking the progress of the conversation with the Assistant.


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