VAIOT Tech Update — 03.08.2022

3 min readAug 3, 2022

Hello VAIOTeers,

We are coming to you with another batch of VAIOT Easy Contract’s solution development updates.

In the Tech Updates series, we are sharing with you progress updates from the development process of the AI Legal Assistant. Here, you can find out what our development team is working on in the current sprint, what has been successfully accomplished in the previous one, and whether we achieved the main goal of the sprint, as well as we are describing what functionalities and features are being developed to ensure that Easy Contracts solution meets users’ needs and ensures smooth interactions with the user.

Last Development Sprint

Last Friday our team met to discuss what tasks have been completed in the last sprint of Easy Contract Development. If you are curious about what has been done and want to know more which functionalities are now available in the application, here comes the overview:

VAI Payback & VAI Payments

In the last sprint, our Development Team worked on the backend mechanisms of VAI Token utilities: VAI Payback and VAI Payments. If you are new here — VAI Payback module will allow a user to get some % of the transaction amount as a bonus in VAIs. The mentioned bonus is then transferred to the user’s Wallet and can be used later for example to purchase services using VAIOT’s intelligent channels. For the VAI Payment mechanism, our development team worked on preliminary backend functionalities, which will now lead us to the integration with the frontend of the Easy Contracts application.

So what is it going to happen in the current sprint of Easy Contracts development?

Document Preview Option

In the current sprint, VAIOT’s dev team will implement a mechanism that will allow users to preview the agreement they created. Option to preview the document by Party A will be possible at any time of the contract negotiation process. The previewed document will be watermarked and will reflect the current state of the agreement. If some of the steps are not completed yet and the user still needs to provide necessary data to finalize the contracts creation process, the document preview will reflect it. It will present only the part of the agreement, omitting not finalized steps, or will show the document with blank fields to be filled in later in the conversation. VAIOT Team is still analysing and researching which of these two options would be better for the user.

Card Payment Module

The Easy Contract Application will include two types of payments. The first option is a payment made in VAI or Ethereum (with other cryptocurrencies to follow). The second option is a traditional payment (by card) that is now being implemented by the Development Team. Party A, which started the agreement generation and negotiation process, will be able to pay for the generated contract via card. Such card payment will also be subject to a VAI Payback.


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