VAIOT Secures Registration of Key Trademark with European Union Intellectual Property Office

3 min readFeb 26, 2024

As VAIOT continues its mission to revolutionize the legal industry through innovative applications of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, a major milestone has been achieved with the registration of an important trademark.

VAIOT Ltd is pleased to announce that it has received a Certificate of Registration from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for its VAIOT trademark. The certification confirms that the corresponding entries for the VAIOT trademark have been officially recorded in the Register of European Union Trade Marks.

Securing registration of the VAIOT trademark with the EUIPO establishes VAIOT’s proprietary rights over the brand within all countries of the European Union. This provides important intellectual property protections as the company continues to grow its portfolio of products and services across Europe and internationally.

See full PDF document here:

Obtaining this Certificate of Registration validates the work we have done to establish VAIOT as an innovator at the forefront of artificial intelligence, blockchain and legal technology.

Moving forward, the registration will help VAIOT defend against any improper or unauthorised use of the VAIOT name by third parties operating within Europe. It eliminates risks of brand confusion and protects the integrity of the VAIOT trademark for customers.

Our COO, Pawel Andruszkiewicz said:

“Securing registration of our trademark with the EUIPO is an important milestone as we continue growing our business across Europe. It recognizes the progress we have made in establishing our brand and the value we have created. This registration will allow us to better serve our customers and partners within the EU while defending our intellectual property.”

We at VAIOT remain focused on delivering innovative solutions that combine artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to help transform industries.

This milestone demonstrates our commitment to protecting our innovations and establishing VAIOT as a leader in this emerging field.


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