VAIOT Seals Its Second Commercial Client Deal with Zelwin!

Hey VIAOTeers, 🙋‍♀️

We’re excited to announce that VAIOT’s (AI) Assistant will be coming to the Zelwin Marketplace, helping users navigate the webshop and purchase products trouble-free within minutes. In addition, you’ll soon be able to use $VAI tokens to purchase products on Zelwin.

Previously, the Zelwin webshop offered the possibility to shop with crypto assets like $BTC, $ETH, $USDT, and their native asset $ZLW. Now, users will be able to make purchases with the $VAI asset or exchange their $VAI for $ZLW on Zelwin’s exchange.

In addition to simply buying and exchanging $VAI tokens on the marketplace, VAIOT will also integrate its AI Assistant into the platform for Intelligent Shopping. The AI Assistant will be helping to make the shopping process even more effortless as it will be added to the Sales and Customer Service processes of Zelwin.

VAIOT’s integration with the Zelwin marketplace will further expand through the implementation of VAIOT Intelligent Contracts, which will allow users to conduct all buying and selling transactions on Zelwin even easier.

🎉 More about Zelwin

Zelwin is a digital asset-based global marketplace on which you can pay for your items with cryptocurrency or fiat money. Additionally, you can earn assets on the platform by contributing to their affiliate marketing options, by purchasing goods and you will be able to exchange received Zelwin assets ($ZLW) for money or tokens on their exchange as well.

$VAI tokens can now be used to purchase products on Zelwin and users will be able to swap their $VAI for $ZLW. Visit the Zelwin website to see for more information.

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