VAIOT Public Testnet is Live!

5 min readApr 8, 2022


Dear VAIOT Community,

We’re thrilled to announce that VAIOT’s Public Testnet is now live, with an initial set of functionalities. Testnet-2, also known as the Public Testnet, is the VAIOT chain’s second stable release, and it includes a governance module, infrastructure deployment tool, frontend application, a contentious AI layer, and fully functional VAIOT AI solutions. The public testnet launch follows an extensive private testing period that began on 08–12–2021 at 11:42:16 CET, during which testers reported numerous bugs, reports, and suggestions.

The Live Functionalities

The Public Testnet aims to trail run all functionalities envisioned for the VAIOT Cosmos-based chain. The testnet’s current functionalities include a fully operational block explorer with a staking option. The block explorer with native staking integration that employs the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism adds to the network’s security. The more assets staked in VAIOT’s Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, the higher the security and thus the network’s future.

Testing the staking functionality of the testnet is possible by adding your VAIOT wallet address (with a newly created VAIOT-specific wallet); TEST $VAI is available for the claim through a dedicated portal — The staking portal on the VAIOT block explorer is the entry point for delegating, receiving staking rewards, and so on. The fully functional VAIOT Cosmos wallet for the public testnet can be found here:, in the paragraph below, we will dive into how to use the portal.

It’s important to note that the current version of the public testnet is available for desktop only, and was not optimized for mobile users yet. The platform will initially only be available for desktops, as we first like to enhance the performance of each browser before continuing the release of the mobile version. Furthermore, the application is being stabilized on different browsers. As we’re still in the testing stages, it is possible to encounter some small issues during the delegating process of the test $VAI to Firefox; this has been noted by the team, and we’re solving the problem.

  • Please note: the faucet is limited to 10 test $VAI per wallet per day.

Using The Staking Functionalities Step-by-Step

To get started with the staking process, first, go to and select the Validators tab in the top menu on the right (see image below).

Dashboard VAIOT Explorer

Next, select “Connect to Wallet”.

The wallet pop-up will appear, offering you the option to import a wallet or create a new one. To create a new one, you still need to select “Import Wallet”.

Choose a name for your wallet & generate a Mnemonic phrase at and copy it below. Then click ‘next’.

You’ll need to write down a private pin, please remember to write down the Mnemonic Phrase and Pin, preferably offline to prevent losing it. Please note: if you lose your wallet phrase or pin, your wallet will be lost forever.

To confirm the creation, re-enter your pin and fill-out the mnemonic phrase. Allow your browser to save the password, and you’re good to go.

Next, copy and paste your wallet address to and select “Give me $VAI”.

On you will now be able to see your test $VAI balance.

Next, select “Delegate” to either of the validators available. Confirm the transaction and that’s it! You’ve now staked your test $VAI!

For more details on the VAIOT wallet's technical background, have a look at this article.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in our previous article detailing the public testnet launch, VAIOT wants to incentivize the testers/users who provide remarks and bug reports; therefore we’ll introduce a full-scope Incentive Program early next week. The Program will include the opportunity to become a validator on VAIOT Mainnet, earn rewards for active testing, and more.

Moreover, the VAIOT team highly appreciates all the support thus far and looks forward to working together with our community to identify further remarks, issues, and bugs you might find during the testing phase. All users and, thus, testers, can report bugs and remarks via a dedicated JIRA-based web portal, which will be available early next week. In the portal, you’ll find a pre-defined form with all necessary data fields to be used to report any bugs.

We’d like to once again thank you for all your support and are excited to enter this new phase of working closely with our community on the VAIOT chain.

Reporting bugs, issues, etc. can be done via the portal:


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