VAIOT cooperates with Uniqly To establish Intelligent Contracts in Businesses

VAIOT establishes the cooperation with Uniqly, the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world by implementing its Intelliget Contract technology in internal processes of the company. Both companies will also explore the use of NFT Tokens in joint marketing activities.

Uniqly’s internal business processes will be enhanced with the contracts created automatically by VAIOT AI Assistant and its Intelligent Contracts. It will allow for faster, cheaper and secure DeLa (Decentralized Law) contracting between Uniqly and its employees or clients.

Uniqly’s revolutionary solutions in the area of personalized products authenticated using blockchain NFT technology, will allow for greater engagement across communities as well as change the way people possess goods in a digital way. Both companies see potential in further collaboration in this area.

Intelligent Contracts #DeLa solution

Intelligent Contracts allow to analyze and create solid agreements thanks to the power of AI and blockchain. Since not all of us are lawyers or developers we should still be able to have access to blockchain capabilities. People often struggle with signing different contracts and agreements while the expensive services at law firms does not help.

Intelligent Contracts bring both digital and traditional contracting to its full potential and availability assuring cheap, fast, personal lawyer who will create or analyze a contract (both traditional and digital ones) based on the combined knowledge of many lawyers.

This partnership is also a first step to greater adoption of VAIOT’s DeLa solutions, streamlining contract creation and execution in digital manner. Standardization and onboarding will get much easier from now on. An innovative approach to the Legal departments of small, medium and big companies will let them focus on the non-repetitive tasks unlocking their full potential.

About Uniqly

Uniqly is set out to create a platform that would become the missing piece of the entire NFT ecosystem and accelerate further expansion of this trend by bridging real-world assets with the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).


VAIOT develops purpose-built virtual assistants powered by AI and blockchain technology. Any product or service sold or delivered digitally can use VAIOT’s tech to be handled by a dedicated AI virtual assistant, accessed by customers via a simple mobile application. VAIOT ultimately plans to take a smart personal assistant concept and combine it with lawyers’ unique skill set and knowledge. The company aims to build an AI legal assistant for consumers and enterprises, providing legal services, including digital, blockchain-based contracts.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on:







VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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