VAIOT Commits to Excellence through Rigorous CertiK Audit

Trust is essential.

3 min readMar 11, 2024

Without trust, innovative ideas rarely see the light of day. When users don’t have confidence in a product or platform, mainstream adoption is virtually impossible.

That’s why at VAIOT, we knew that establishing an unimpeachable foundation of trust needed to be our top priority. As we prepare to introduce our AI legal assistant to the world, we want every future user to feel completely secure and protected.

So, we asked ourselves — how could we demonstrate an unmatched commitment to users’ trust?

The answer was clear: by undertaking the most rigorous security audit in the blockchain industry.

We’re thrilled to announce that VAIOT has officially engaged CertiK, the leading blockchain auditing firm, to perform a comprehensive evaluation of our entire platform through Smart Contract Audit and KYC. Their team of expert security researchers will review every line of code, stress test our infrastructure, analyse our architecture for vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive identity verification for our team.

Code Audit History of VAIOT

This top-to-bottom audit will validate VAIOT’s dedication to setting the highest standards in blockchain security. CertiK’s reputation for meticulous testing is unmatched. Top global companies like Ton, Polygon, and Insight Partners have trusted CertiK to ensure their systems are ironclad. Their experience spotting vulnerabilities early and providing actionable recommendations is second-to-none.

At VAIOT, excellence has been our north star since day one. While many blockchain projects seek to cut corners, we refused to compromise on security. Undergoing CertiK’s rigorous audit demonstrates that commitment to the fullest.

We eagerly anticipate the audit report CertiK will publish, which will detail their objective evaluation of our safeguards and protocols. Like an x-ray into our blockchain backbone, this transparent record will highlight the comprehensive measures we’ve taken to protect user privacy and prevent any failures.

In today’s world, there’s no substitute for third-party validation. Our collaboration with CertiK signals to potential users that VAIOT isn’t just talking about trust — we’re putting in the work to earn it.

Together with companies like CertiK, we are building the robust, trusted foundation to enable our AI legal assistant to empower individuals and businesses across the globe. The decentralised future will be secured through diligence, examination, and perseverance.

VAIOT is committed to that vision 100%.

GitHub Monitoring of VAIOT

Witness VAIOT’s unwavering commitment to innovation and progress. Visit our GitHub repository to explore our latest developments and see how we’re constantly working to shape the future of AI and blockchain technology.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we share updates from this exciting process. The audit results will demonstrate definitively that VAIOT is setting a new standard for transparency and security in decentralised technologies.


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