VAIOT BSC Bridge FAQ Guide

3 min readJun 25, 2021


Hi VAIOTeers,

If you’re wondering about the VAIOT BSC Bridge implementation, how to use it or are simply interested in learning some more, have a look at the most frequently asked questions below.

BSC Bridge FAQ Questions

What Should I Check Before I Start Using The VAIOT Bridge?

Please make sure:

  • You fully understand the consequence of swapping your tokens from one network to the other.
  • You hold both Ether (ETH) & BNB in your wallet to be able to pay the gas fee (gwei) on both the Ethereum network, as the Binance Smart Chain.
  • You have a wallet that you can connect to the VAIOT bridge page, that supports both Ethereum as BSC-based tokens.
  • You have confirmed that you are transferring the correct number of tokens.
  • You have read & agreed to the terms of service for the bridge

For Which Blockchains/Networks Can I Use The VAIOT Bridge?

The VAIOT bridge can only be used to swap VAI tokens from the Ethereum network (ERC-777) to the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) or vice versa.

Why Am I Being Asked To Approve a Contract?

The first time you use your wallet to swap VAI tokens from the Ethereum Network to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and the first time you do it vice versa, you will be asked to approve a smart contract and pay a small fee. This is a necessary step that illustrates your approval of the bridge contract to withdraw funds from your wallet.

Why Does It Take Two Transactions (‘SWAP VAI’ & ‘CLAIM VAI’) To Transfer Tokens To The Other Network?

To transfer your tokens from the BSC network to Ethereum you first have to send the VAI tokens that are BSC based to a remote BSC smart contract. This happens after you click ‘SWAP VAI’ and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Once this first transaction was completed, you can start the second transaction by clicking ‘CLAIM VAI’ and also approving this transaction in your wallet. Now you will receive Ethereum based VAI tokens in your wallet from a remote Ethereum smart wallet

Of course, it is the same when you transfer tokens the other way around!

How Do I Check The Transaction Status on The Blockchain?

After each time you approve a transaction, your wallet will present you with a link to either or There you can directly see the status of your transaction.

Why Is My Transaction Not Approved?

Transactions on the Ethereum network and the BSC network may take a while to be validated for a number of reasons, but this most commonly comes down to using a gas fee that was too low. You can try to speed up the transaction in your wallet by offering a higher gas fee.

Why Can’t I Claim My Tokens Yet?

After you started the first transaction by clicking ‘SWAP VAI’ and confirmed the transaction in your wallet, you all may have to wait a while because the validation of transactions on the network can be slow due to high traffic.

Once your wallet has confirmed that the transaction was executed successfully, but you don’t get the ‘CLAIM VAI’ button yet, you may want to refresh the webpage by <Best way to refresh your page>.

Where Can I Find A Complete Guide To Using The BSC Bridge?

You can find everything you need to know to use the bridge in our step-by-step guide published on our Medium and available directly via the BSC interface. See the link below for the article.




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