VAIOT: Bringing it All Together — AI Legal Assistant V1 Beta Test

11 min readOct 13, 2023

There are two main ways you can join in and get rewarded for participating in the AI Legal Assistant beta test campaign. Absolutely anyone can and is encouraged to come test it. There are NO prerequisites for joining. The beta is open for everyone simply by clicking the link when it’s added.

[ — Its live!]

Both will require you to join our official Telegram community to get started and receive support.
Join the Official VAIOT Community here.

***Edit. Some time frames may be out of date in the information below due to delays in launch. The two week beta testing campaigns starts on October 19th and ends on November 3rd.
Read our A word from the Developers and Best Practices article to learn more.

What is the AI Legal Assistant?

VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant is a product concept that aims to provide legal and public administration information and services to various audiences using artificial intelligence (AI) as well as blockchain technology.
The concept of VAIOT AI Legal Assistant is based on the premise that legal services are often inaccessible, expensive, or complex for many people who need them, and that certain public administration processes or legal knowledge are not consumer friendly.
By using AI, VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant can offer a user-friendly, affordable, and efficient way to access legal information and assistance on various
topics and tasks. The product can also help businesses, lawyers and law firms improve their productivity, quality, and profitability by automating or augmenting some of their legal work. Uniquely among comparable solutions, VAIOT AI Legal Assistant also offers the advantages and opportunities that blockchain technology may bring to the practice of law.


We here at VAIOT understand the immediate NEED not only the law and crypto space, but the world for a product like we have built here. The current, future, and theoretical use-cases are far reaching, check out our article on AI Legal Assistant use-cases here.

We are more than excited to stand here as a team today and present our work to you! Together, both the VAIOT team and our community, we are a a part of blockchain history.

In the forefront of AI innovation, VAIOT stands as a leading force, blending advanced AI technology with the potential of blockchain. This synergy has given birth to the AI Legal Assistant, a legal Swiss-army knife set to revolutionize the legal industry. Now this time is finally here to share our achievement with the world.

Empowered by state-of-the-art AI and blockchain capabilities, VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant is a groundbreaking tool, designed for tech enthusiasts, legal professionals, and the common person alike.

The legal sector, a colossal global industry, now has a tangible example of AI at its finest, thanks to VAIOT.

To ensure the world experiences the incredible capabilities of the AI Legal Assistant, VAIOT is initiating an exciting gamification and beta testing campaign starting October 16th. This two-week initiative, co-organized with Netizen across several platforms, aims to reward and acknowledge those who join the campaign, test the product, and spread the word about our AI technology. We will reward BOTH our best beta testers and our community engagers in this campaign.

Participants have the chance to win a staggering $5000 worth of VAIOT tokens, making this campaign a golden opportunity. There are multiple ways to engage, from creating compelling content such as memes, videos, infographics, tutorials, or articles, to amplifying the message on social media. There will be XP awarded and leaderboards made by Netizen to track players directly in the VAIOT Telegram community.

Additionally, participants can interact directly with the AI Assistant, contributing to its enhancement by reporting bugs, development suggestions, ideas for functionalities, and improvements using our Jira form. The Jira testers will also have a separate leaderboard hosted by VAIOT that will be updated multiple times a week.

With this beta test and gamification campaign, we are putting the spotlight on our AI Legal Assistant and inviting you to be part of the journey. It’s a chance to showcase your creative talents, passion, and enthusiasm while introducing a groundbreaking technology to the world. Be part of something transformative, and you might just find yourself rewarded for your dedication.

So, remember to mark your calendar for October 16th and prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure with VAIOT.

What exactly is being tested?

The AI Legal Assistant is a powerhouse combination of different tools. The main testable V1 applications within the AI Legal Assistant platform are the AI Assistant (Contract Creation), the Contract Reader, zk-SNARK certificates, and the verification of Certificates. In that order.

In this beta test, contract creation functionality will be limited to the creation of service contracts within the Assistant. Contract creation is the first part of the flow.

AI Legal Assistant — a platform that allows the creation of a document (currently limited to service agreements) through interaction with an online assistant. Within a conversation with the assistant, the user, by responding to the assistant’s questions, can generate a draft agreement tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, the assistant is capable of answering user’s open questions related to the Legal, AI, and Blockchain domains. This is an important aspect, and our deliberate management focuses discussions on these most intriguing subjects. This approach enables us to continuously enhance our algorithm based on historical conversations.

The solution combines the latest technologies, including Microsoft’s CLU and OpenAI’s GPT-4, and our proprietary algorithms, which empower the tool to excel in all the markets it supports. The assistant features a user-friendly interface, keeps the user informed about their progress, and facilitates payments through traditional online methods, such as credit card payments, as well as cryptocurrency transactions.

Read the AI Legal Assistant Lightpaper

The Contract Reader provides users with a seamless and user-friendly interface to examine and decrypt the terms and conditions of their smart contracts created through the AI Legal Assistant. These agreements are displayed visually, ensuring easy access to crucial contract data. Moreover, you have the option to enhance transparency by obtaining special certification for your contract to confirm that its terms were recorded on the blockchain.
Dive into the Contract Reader.

These special certificates are made using zk-SNARK technology and can also be purchased in the contract reader. VAIOT harnesses zk-SNARKs for certificates, enabling users to purchase certificates proving specific values within a contract without revealing the entire contract. This application showcases the power of zk-SNARKs in ensuring privacy and authenticity while leveraging blockchain technology.
Read more about VAIOT’s use of zk-SNARKs.

VAIOT goes beyond by deploying contracts with the verifyProof function. This allows users to independently verify their proofs, promoting decentralization and appealing to a wider user base. This is the last part of the flow that currently be tested. You must have already created a contract with the AI Assistant and made a certificate in the Contract Reader in order to upload your proof.

Essentially it enables the second party of a contract to verify if the terms in the certificate indeed match those in the smart contract. There are three ways to do it. You can scan the QR code, paste a JSON file in VerifyProof, or directly verify it within the smart contract. To find the contract by its smart contract address and cross-reference the terms contained in the contract by pasting the hashed terms from the certificates.


How can I participate in the beta test?

Anyone can test the Assistant simply by opening the link! However if you would like to participate in any of the campaigns mentioned below you must have a DeFi wallet such as Metamask.

There are two main ways you can join in on the fun and get rewarded for interacting with the AI Legal Assistant. One is Jira bug reports and the other is gamification with Netizen in the VAIOT Community chat. Both will require you to join our official Telegram community to get started and receive support.
Join the Official VAIOT Community here.

Setup Testnet and Get Faucet Tokens

Beta testers will be able to create and download contracts and create zk-SNARK Certificates for contracts. In order to “pay” for services within the Assistant you must be connected to Mumbai or Goerli Testnets. Testnet tokens must be used to test.

Connect Metamask to Polygon Testnet

You can connect any way you like to a testnet, but here’s the manual run-down for Mumbai Polygon testnet!

Click on the dropdown menu on top of the MetaMask wallet extension and select Add Network.

Fill in the following details:

Once completed, click Save and you should see the Testnet appearing on Metamask.

You can get test MATIC from
In order to use the faucet, you must also have a Discord account.
Paste your wallet address where specified, and you will be “put in line” to receive testnet tokens!

If you do not have Goerli or Mumbai network added to your Metamask, just go to and click the button in the top right of your screen after you’ve connected your wallet — when you choose “Goerli Testnet” or “Mumbai Testnet” it will automatically add it to your metamask and it will switch networks for you.

You can get test MATIC from or test GOERLI from Keep in mind that there are many faucets, not only these two.

Testing the AI Legal Assistant with FIAT

It is also possible to test using FIAT payments! Testing with FIAT payments is unique as it depends on your locations and browser.

For example on Chrome will have Google Pay, on Safari use Apple Pay, but on all browsers you should have PayPal and credit card options available

In order to pay with the credit card the user must use test credit card number: 4242424242424242. For CVV and Expiration Date you can make up the values.

We DO NOT recommend using your own payment details as you will be charged.

JIRA Based Bug Hunting & Development Suggestions

The beta testers with the most LEGITIMATE reports or suggestions will be tracked on our leaderboard, as pictured from our previous beta test above. And that’s all! Your beta testing submissions will be tracked, verified, and the leaderboard will be updated daily! You can submit as many legitimate bugs and reports as you want.
You can find the custom leaderboard for the beta test here.

Top ranking beta testers will split a prize pool of $2000 in VAI tokens

1st — $1000
2nd — $500
3rd — $250
4th — $150
5th — $100

Point System for Proper Feedback

2 points for each bug report
4 points for each development suggestions
6 points for outstanding suggestions or critical bugs

All submissions will be verified for legitimacy, anyone can participate in the beta test.
Board will be updated every couple of days.
Points will be rewarded between 16 UTC 10/16 and 00:00 UTC 10/30.
No points will be recognized before or after that time period.

Visit our Jira portal and go through the sign up process if you do not have an account with us. Below is a step by step walk through of the process!

Access our Jira portal here:

Sign up or sign in.
Once you’re logged in, choose the VAIOT AI Legal Assistant Beta Test
Choose if you’re reporting a bug or making a suggestion.
File your report and be as detailed as possible!

Gamification with Netizen

Simply by joining our telegram chat typing /netizen you can sign up for the Telegram Gamification App (TGA) made by Netizen.

Top Raiders share a prize pool of $3000 in VAI!

Users and community members will be rewarded XP points automatically for their contributions to the beta testing campaign and community. With SEVERAL ongoing ways to gain XP, win rewards, and have fun we’re excited to gamify our community next week! The more you interact the more you win.

Welcome to the first VAIOT x Netizen 7-Day Raid: Engage and Earn!

Get ready for an exciting 7-Day Raid on Netizen’s Gamification app, where you can earn XP points while spreading the word about VAIOT, a top-tier AI project. Here’s how you can participate and earn those valuable XP points:

Raid on Netizen’s Gamification App:

In our community engagement initiative, there are various ways for you to contribute and earn rewards. Firstly, unleash your creativity through content creation! Craft and share VAIOT memes, share VAIOT infographics, and contribute by posting tutorials, videos, and articles on Twitter and Telegram. Your creativity matters, and outstanding content might be highlighted for everyone to see, so aim for excellence! Additionally, expanding our community is vital, so invite new users and you’ll be duly rewarded for each successful referral. Let’s not forget about our Telegram group; bringing in new members not only enhances our community but also strengthens our collective presence. Together, through quality content and community growth, we can make a significant impact!

TaskOn Campaign

Zealy Campaign

Earning XP Points

  • Content Creation: The more creative and engaging your content, the more XP points you earn. Quality matters!
  • Referrals: Earn XP points for every new user you bring in through successful referrals.
  • Engagement: Active engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, on campaign posts and community activities will earn you XP points.
  • Highlighted Content: If your content is chosen as the highlight of the day, you earn bonus XP points for your exceptional contribution.


  • Quality Over Quantity: Focus on creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content.
  • Spread the Word: Share the Vaiot campaign far and wide, engaging with the audience to create a meaningful impact.
  • Collaboration: Work together with fellow raiders. Collaborative efforts are rewarded!

The VAIOT AI Legal Assistant beta test raid starts soon. Get ready to showcase your creativity, expand our community, earn XP points, and test one of the most important products in blockchain history. Let’s make this beta test a resounding success together, VAIOTEERS!


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable.

Read our AI Legal Assistant Lightpaper here.

For more information about VAIOT, visit our website, or join our Twitter , Telegram Community, Discord Server or Youtube Channel for continuous updates.




VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses. AI and Blockchain for Legal Innovation.