VAIOT Audited by CertiK and Awarded the KYC Gold Badge

5 min readMay 6, 2024

As the first-ever project regulated under the VFA Act, expertise in compliance and governance is in VAIOT’s DNA. Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship — especially between emerging technology and its users. That’s why at VAIOT, building an unshakable foundation of trust has been our priority from day one.

As we prepare to launch our AI Legal Assistant to the world, our commitment to user security and protection is stronger than ever. We spare no effort in ensuring every single user feels completely safe and valued when engaging with our technology.

That tireless dedication to excellence has recently paid immense dividends. After rigorous evaluation by globally renowned auditing firm CertiK, VAIOT has earned phenomenal certifications that definitively cement our status as an unrivaled leader in AI, blockchain, and security.

VAIOT in the top 10% Web3 projects

We’re thrilled to announce that VAIOT has achieved a top security score of 92.64 out of 100 from CertiK, the most trusted auditing firm in blockchain. Apart from that, VAIOT has recently been awarded the CertiK KYC Gold Badge [], a certification that recognizes the project’s team commitment to security, transparency, and accountability.

This places VAIOT in the top 10% of the most secure and reliable projects in the Web3 existence. The hard-earned badge cements VAIOT’s culture of integrity and transparency, providing assurance to the community.

Specific highlights from CertiK’s comprehensive evaluation:

  • VAIOT’s code security score landed in the top 10% percentile
  • Our market stability score also ranked in the top 10%
  • VAIOT has been ranked #2 in AI category and #4 in DAO and Web3 categories
  • VAIOT successfully attained CertiK’s prestigious Gold KYC badge

Among the thousands of crypto projects evaluated, VAIOT currently ranks 21st overall based on CertiK’s comprehensive analysis across all evaluation categories. Notably, in the AI category, VAIOT placed 2nd out of hundreds of initiatives. Every one of VAIOT’s sub-scores, including code, fundamentals, operations, governance, and market, firmly place it in CertiK’s top 10% — a feat only managed by the most dedicated and capable teams.

While many blockchain projects cut corners and rely on hype, VAIOT rejected shortcuts and compromises. Undergoing CertiK’s intensive evaluation, widely recognized as one of the most rigorous in the industry, embodies VAIOT’s dedication to having its protections and protocols tested to the fullest. Earning one of CertiK’s highest ratings affirms the team’s tireless efforts to harden defences, address vulnerabilities, and far exceed expectations.

What is the CertiK KYC Badge?

The CertiK KYC Badge is awarded to project teams that successfully complete the rigorous verification process. CertiK specializes in providing comprehensive blockchain security and risk management solutions for Web3 platforms. KYC verification covers identity verification, background checks, and a final detailed risk assessment. Once a project has successfully completed the verification, the team is awarded the CertiK KYC Badge. This badge serves as a symbol of the project’s commitment to security and transparency, and provides a powerful sign of trust to users.

What Does the CertiK KYC Badge Mean for VAIOT?

The CertiK KYC Badge is a major milestone for VAIOT, as it shows its commitment to providing a secure and compliant platform for its users. The badge also serves as a signal to potential users that the team is trustworthy, accountable and willing to stand behind their project. Earning the CertiK KYC Badge also confers a number of tangible benefits onto VAIOT. For example, the badge can help attract new users and partners. It can also help the project secure additional funding, as investors have greater confidence allocating resources to verified projects with a strong foundation of trust.

What Benefits Does the CertiK KYC Badge Provide to VAIOT Users?

The CertiK KYC Badge helps users who want to conduct their own research before interacting with or investing in a Web3 project. It provides an additional guarantee that the team behind the project is willing to put their names to it and can be trusted. Users can be confident that the VAIOT team is fully accountable, as they have been identified and verified, and their personal information is kept securely by CertiK.

The badge can be verified on the Security Leaderboard and the Verified Teams Leaderboard.

CertiK Audit Affirms VAIOT’s Leadership in Blockchain Security

These phenomenal CertiK certifications provide air-tight third-party validation that VAIOT not only talks the talk, but walks the walk when it comes to building the most robust and trusted foundation possible for its users.

Our CEO, Pawel Stopczynski says:

“Earning CertiK’s prestigious certifications is a tremendous validation of VAIOT’s relentless commitment to integrity, security, and transparency. Since the very beginning, building an unshakable foundation of trust with users has been our north star guiding every decision. That’s why we purposely chose to be the first project regulated under Malta’s VFA Act — to hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability.

Now, being recognized as a top 10% project and attaining the exclusive Gold KYC badge cements our credentials as an industry leader redefining legal services through compliance and advanced technology. Our team couldn’t be prouder of receiving CertiK’s stamps of approval. It’s a testament to the tireless work ensuring every piece of our AI and blockchain ecosystem upholds the highest security protocols.”

Experience the future of legal services powered by technology you can believe in. Explore our GitHub to see VAIOT’s latest developments as we shape the frontier of AI and blockchain. The decentralized future will be secured through diligence, examination, and perseverance.


VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants and on-chain Intelligent Contracts for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable.

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