VAIOT Announces Beta Testing for Digital Asset Protection Platform — $5000 in VAI For Testers!

The entire VAIOT team is proud to announce our first BETA Testing program for our Digital Asset Protection Platform. VAIOT’s Broker makes it possible for any crypto investor to secure their portfolio through a simple conversation.

Please note: The platform will initially only be available in the desktop version as our current focus is to enhance the performance of each browser before continuing the release of the app version.

What To Expect During Beta Testing

The AI Broker and Aggregator is an AI-driven solution that uses our AI Assistant’s interface to aggregate products and services and distributes them to consumers through highly personalized offers and recommendations.

The BETA version of the platform was made to evaluate the current possibilities and capabilities offered by the AI Assistant and to access its user-friendliness and thus, user interface. This version presents the process of evaluating and purchasing digital asset protection with various blockchain insurance providers. VAIOT will use this version to further enhance the platform and extend its options.

The high number of iterations, questions, and options in the conversation with the AI, as with the previous business lines, is created to be able to test, analyze and evaluate as much as possible.

Details about the AI Broker and Aggregator Platform BETA:

  • During the BETA test, you will be able to select crypto coverage interaction with our Web-based AI Assistant. You can make your choices using voice, typing, and mouse clicks.
  • The main goal of the beta is to learn how you like the interaction including using voice on your laptop or pc. We are very curious about what we should improve to make the user experience even smoother.
  • During the BETA, we will offer a limited number of coverage types & products. At go-live, we will offer a broader set of coverage.
  • The BETA test should only be done on large screens, so PC & laptop screens. The views for mobile & tablet have been designed but are not yet ready for testing.
  • The products you see in the product comparison overview are always the same, with the same terms and the same pricing. This will be different in our live version.
  • In the product overview, you will see an imaginary partner ‘VAIOT Mutual’. Please note that we are not going to sell any coverage ourselves. This is just a placeholder for other partners that we are currently integrating with. We are currently having conversations with multiple potential partners.

Important note: We will be performing testing in an iterational fashion, only focusing on specific parts of the platform, and will add more functionalities as testing continues.

Assumptions for Beta Testing

  1. Persona 1: The Aggregator for Business outlines the benefits of businesses and insurance providers to integrate VAIOT as a new channel for digitally distributing their services.
  2. Persona 2: The Aggregator for Blockchain details the benefits and scope of services for cryptocurrency and digital asset owners

$5000 in Rewards for Active Testers

Being active means:

  • Sharing your remarks, experiences, and findings
  • Reporting potential bugs
  • Giving further ideas for development
  • Providing quality feedback
  • Actively communicating with our developers

The VAIOT Beta Testing campaign for the Digital Asset Protection Platform will have a scoreboard on which you can track your progress and see if you are in the top 10!

How To Participate in Beta Testing

Well, it’s easy! Simply go to scroll down, and fill out the form. Do not forget to hit the “request access” button to make sure you complete the sign-up process.

Our team will screen your application. Once approved you will receive an e-mail with all the essential information. NOTE: this may take a few days.

It is possible to sign up for the Beta Testing program from today until the 7th of October 2021. Please note that any sign-ups after that date will not be eligible to contribute.


For more information about VAIOT, visit our website, or have a look at the Twitter and Telegram Community.

VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.