VAIOT and Uniqly Partnership Update

At VAIOT we have been working together with Uniqly, the first marketplace and escrow that allows for the creation and trading of NFT assets with the possibility to materialize them into the real world by implementing Intelligent Contract technology. And in an effort to further expand on the collaboration between both companies, Uniqly created the first VAIOT NFT t-shirt (see image below).

So, besides the creation of this awesome t-shirt, what else does the partnership of VAIOT and Uniqly entail? Well, first Uniqly’s internal business processes are enhanced with the contracts created automatically by VAIOT’s AI Assistant and our Intelligent Contracts. That allows for faster, cheaper, and more secure Decentralized Law (DeLa) between Uniqly and its employees as well as clients.

Additionally, Uniqly’s revolutionary solutions in the area of personalized products authenticated using blockchain NFT (non-fungible tokens) technology, allow for greater engagement across communities and change the way people possess products and goods in a digital way. For further information on the Intelligent Contract solution, please see the previous collaboration announcement.

VAIOT and Uniqly’s partnership is the first step towards the greater adoption of VAIOT’s Decentralized Law solutions, streamlining contract creation and execution in a digital way. Standardization and onboarding will be much easier, thus, an innovative approach to the Legal departments of small, medium, and large-sized organizations will allow for focus on non-repetitive tasks and unlocking their full potential.

Now you might wonder, what has been changed since the last time we talked about Uniqly? Well, below are some highlighted developments that we thought you might find interesting.

  • Uniqly launched its NFT Shirts Collection on the 12th of May 2021. Giving token traders the chance to get their hands on the first-ever collection of NFT shirts backed by actual, physical products.

VAIOT is incredibly pleased to be working together with Uniqly and are looking forward towards further implementation of VAIOT’s Intelligent Solutions on the platform. For more information and updates have a look at the VAIOT Community Telegram or Twitter.

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing an NFT t-shirt, visit the link:

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