VAIOT and BSC Talks — AMA Recap

First, a big shout out to the BSC Talks community for letting us join their lovely community we had a blast doing this AMA! For those of you who couldn’t join the AMA was held on the 4th of June 2021, at 14:00 UTC. Team Member of VAIOT that joined were Anthony Blackburn, Marketing Manager and Gisele Schout, Marketing Expert. The AMA was hosted by Guy Wasserman. So, let’s dive right into it.

Q&A BSC Talks

Guy: I’m proud to announce our starting AMA with VAIOT!!!! Please welcome Anthony and Gisele.

Anthony: Hello!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Guy: How are you guys feeling?

Anthony: Feeling great! It’s $VAI-Day after all. 💎💎🚀🚀

Gisele: Heeeeyyyy!! Happy to be here 😄

Guy: Yes sir! Glad you guys finally completed your bridge to BSC network. Welcome to the cheap-fee land.

Anthony: We’re happy to bring the $VAI token to BSC!!!

Guy: Alright!

Q1: Before we get to know the amazing project VAIOT is. Could you introduce briefly the core team and past experiences?

Anthony: Absolutely!

To start, VAIOT is a global team of professionals. We have team members in Poland, Malta, Canada, Colombia, Portugal, and more. Our team of advisors, expands even further than that. So, VAIOT operates around the clock. I was up at 4 AM today (I’m in Canada) to meet with some new partners and clients we’ll be adding in China. It’s never a dull moment here!

Our CEO, Cristoph, is quite an interesting character. He’s a former television star, speaks 5 languages, and has been managing high-level tech companies and European real estate entities for over 30 years.

In terms of myself and Gisele, I will keep my background brief and Gisele will also share her background.

I started working in corporate marketing about 7 years ago, specializing in XM (Experiential marketing), which is a growing sector of marketing involving real-life experiences with brands. On my journey, I have represented several large CPG, Automotive, Liquor brands, and banks. Some notable clients of mine include PepsiCo, GM, FCA, Laphroaig, Bacardi, Jack Daniels, Heineken, TD, Scotiabank, and BMO. My entry into the blockchain space is a little fuzzy, started in 2015/16 buying and HODLing ETH and slowly gained enough knowledge and passion about the space to make me want to jump over completely. It has been a dream journey ever since! 🚀

Gisele: So, I’ve recently joined the VAIOT team as a marketing expert. My focus within the team is mostly on the creation of content and helping to grow VAIOT’s reach. And of course, I’m here for whatever else Anthony needs my help with. Furthermore, I have been working as a marketeer within the blockchain and IT space for around 2 years now and have had the opportunity to speak and collaborate with many great companies so far!

Guy: Sound like a solid and experienced team! 🤩 Before we get into specific questions about VAIOT. I would love to hear your opinion on something.

Q2: as VAIOT combines blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. I would love to have your thoughts on the potential industry Artificial intelligence holds and it's future. What are your thoughts in the future of AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE), also combined AI and blockchain, please?

Anthony: Great question. this is a complex one to unpack.

The future of AI truly is in the hands of big corporate entities like IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. They effectively own teams of deep learning specialists that enter the 1000’s and as a result, for little guys like us, it’s not so easy to build your own proprietary AI. That’s why we decided to partner up with IBM and start as a joint proof of concept to build our product lines to build on a tried-and-true AI foundation.

When it comes to the future of AI and Blockchain…

We are seeing a massive influx of projects leveraging blockchain to strengthen data set scalability and technical efficiency of AI Algorithms. You see large projects like ORAI (One of our partners), Ocean, and several other notable premier projects in the space doing this. My personal belief is that AI will play a key role in all our futures. Especially with the current global situation, we will need AI solutions to keep businesses and other services up to speed with the growing digital landscape.

The remarkable thing about AI is it only keeps getting stronger as time goes on…

Guy: Yeah man!!

Q3: Guys, we are not talking about an amateur project over here. VAIOT has huge partners and networks. DAO Maker, IBM, Chainlink, MILC, PAID Network are a few names. They’re regulated! So please, kindly introduce VAIOT to our audience.

Anthony: VAIOT’s solutions offer a new, intelligent channel for service transactions and distribution by uniquely combining the skills and knowledge, offering 3 different products:

1. The Legal Assistant: Combining Blockchain (the concept of smart contracts) and AI, focusing on both contract analysis and automatic creation of ready-to-sign, traditional contracts, and their digital equivalents. These Intelligent contracts will change the way crypto agreements are facilitated.

2. The Broker: An AI-driven solution that uses our AI Assistant’s interface to allow for the aggregation of products and services and distributes them to consumers through highly personalized offers and recommendations.

3. The Merchant: An AI Assistant as a new digital channel for buying services and conducting instant transactions, providing consumers with easier, faster, and more affordable ways to access services offered by various businesses

VAIOT is an AI legal assistant at your fingertips. Utilizing IBM Watson integration and the COSMOS SDK to produce intelligent contracts to make business and legal interactions swift and efficient. We just finished our second round of beta testing and already secured our first commercial client. 🚀🚀

Guy: Sounds amazing!

Q4: As I know there are all types of investors watching us right now, from beginners to experts… I would appreciate it if you can give us a use case of VAIOT.

Gisele: For sure!

Yeah, so actually we will be releasing the Broker for Blockchain VAIOT Platform in Q3. This means users will be able to analyze the best options with the Broker. Also, The Broker and AI Aggregator give you advice and recommendations based on the found results.

The platform also lets you compare the price of insurance and gives a complete and extensive overview of the crypto insurance market. Furthermore, the AI continuously conducts chain analysis, warning you about potential vulnerabilities in your portfolio so you can be ahead of the curve and insure assets. You will always be up to date on the latest crypto-insurance offers, and you own all contracts, agreements, and transactions.

What’s important to note, is that the AI isn’t influenced by promotion, making it completely unbiased in its delivery of recommendations.

We have two in-depth articles on our Medium that go further into detail about the use cases, but in essence with VAIOT’s AI the possibilities related to contract creation and user interfaces are endless. 🚀🚀

Anthony: Wow Gisele’s answers are so good.

Guy: Oh yeah that’s sweet!

Thanks for supplying the links for the use cases. 😎

Guy: Great, let’s talk about the Token Flow now.

Q5: I saw you have a staking program. Staking is an amazing way to keep holders confident while you reward them. Staking is extremely attractive ONLY for potential projects. As you believe in them in the long run it’s been rewarded meanwhile. As VAIOT seems very legit, I’d appreciate it if you could supply us with the staking program and its benefits for $VAI holders.

Anthony: That is Right. This is our Contract Address: 0x9f801c1f02af03cc240546dadef8e56cd46ea2e9

Agreed! We have a fantastic staking program as well as an LP. We are currently finishing our terms with a chef for a Syrup pool, so stay tuned next week for that. 💪

25% of our total supply is dedicated to staking rewards. We want to make an attractive environment for our long-term holders, that is why we decided to go the route of dedicating so much to staking rewards. Our token economy also factors in a % of transaction fees that will go back to our validators when our Mainnet launches.

2 legit 2 quit…

Our staking rewards are currently 35% ARR + 0.2% per day staked, and our LP has a 200% APY (Annual Percentage Yield).

But this is BSC talks, so what I will say is we will make sure we announce our Syrup pool launch in here when it is up 😉😉😉

Guy: Let us get that staking working sirrr. Cannot wait!

Anthony: 100%, we applied quite a while ago, expected it to be up by now, but as I mentioned we are in current talks with Chefs so it should be up very soon!

Guy: All right, awesome! And now that you have just bridged to the BSC network, even better.

All right! Man, I really like the VAIOT’s idea. However, as we have all kinds of investors and investing in different segments.

I want to give this free space to you, so you can convince our audience why VAIOT holds enormous potential for the future of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and what are the main reasons VAIOT is here to stay and be a game-changer.

Community Questions

Guy: Gisele and Anthony, feel free, the stage is yours! 🥰

Gisele: Yes, so let me just get started with a shameless socials plug for everybody that’s interested in getting to know some more about VAIOT.

Anthony: Okay let’s get into it!

I’ll touch on a few points; our regulatory status and its implications, how AI Solutions can be applied to many markets and the current market demand for IVAs (Intelligent Virtual Assistants).

Fun fact: We started our project in 2018. The goal was to create a “Blockchain Lawyer” that could bring traditional legal services and business processes into the next generation.

To achieve that, we decided to go the route of achieving regulatory status through the Maltese government.

We are enormously proud to be the FIRST ever regulated project by Malta, which is also known as “Blockchain Island”, VAIOT is paving the way for future blockchain projects that want to be legitimized by regulation so that they can integrate with larger entities like corporations, institutions, and governments.

We currently have a few ongoing use cases that involved government integration, therefore our token is highly undervalued now. Government and institutional adoption are the two biggest struggles of the blockchain world, and VAIOT is currently on the path to achieving both. Without projects like ours, the future of blockchain would become severely limited.

When it comes to our services, the IVA (Intelligent Virtual Assistant) market is exploding. The IVA market was 3.9 trillion in 2019, 5.4 in 2020, and is predicted to explode to over 50 billion by 2027.

This shows that the new digital landscape (Severely affected by COVID), is causing corporations and institutions to adopt both AI and IVAs to their platforms to facilitate the mass influx of digital users.

From here forward, things will never be the same, and many consumers and users will choose digital methods over going to a store or institution for products and services.

This DOES NOT MEAN that people do not want a “Human touch”. We all know how good it feels to speak with somebody and get a second opinion.

What VAIOT offers is an intelligent “Natural User Interface”, a human-like voice interaction interface that adjusts to your personality and conversational flow and allows for you to intelligently aggregate products and services in what we call “Intelligent Shopping”.

Lastly, our Intelligent Contracts. These are MASSIVE. Currently, many models (governance models for example) lack any solid, enforceable agreements to ensure that services are provided, and promises are kept. Our AI Assistants are built for exactly this; delivering enforceable, on-chain contracts that empower blockchain users and projects to add legitimacy to their transactions. Our contracts are also deliverable as traditional, paper-like contracts, meaning you can have the contract for your physical records, tax, and business purposes, etc.

Guy: Man, what a pleasure to have such a good project.

I appreciate both of you and the VAIOT team for having chosen BSC Talks and having the time to release your potential to us!! I feel honoured 🤗

Alright, but enough of me speaking!! Let us free the voice of people.

I’ll unmute the community, so they can ask questions to you.

Anthony: Cheers, it’s been great working with you guys, and excited to meet this new community!!!

Guy: I’ll unmute for 5 minutes. They will ask you questions. In the end, feel free to pick the 3 best ones and answer! Each one of them will get $100

Anthony: Great!

If you guys enjoyed this chat, make sure you come to check out our community! We have a rep system that can earn you rewards, and a social mining club, where you can tweet/post about VAIOT and ear VAI TOKENS!

Community Question 1: In past few years, many crypto coins have been prone to hacking… How can you assure crypto traders that Your Project has strong security and privacy to prevent hacking?

Great question! Security is priority #1. There are a few important points to touch on here, one of them being the fact that we are fully regulated by Maltese law, and our code and solutions have been heavily audited for three years now. When it comes to safety and security, we are as good as it gets, and we are the first Maltese government-regulated project on BSC. On top of this, we offer a service called “The Broker”, our AI Insurance Broker & Aggregator, where you can get crypto-insurance for your portfolio and DeFi experience. We encourage EVERYONE to seek out DeFi insurance because, without it, your funds are not protected. Responsible investing and protecting your digital assets are priority #1 and VAIOT is offering easy solutions for you guys to do so.

Community Question 2: Wow there are a lot of great people here. It is great that VAIOT combines “AI and blockchain in its AI Virtual Legal Assistant”. Excellent job!! But is it efficient?? because it depends entirely on the ingenuity and relevance of the data that AI products use to build the fields in which they are used? But I understand in your case. My question is how can you get all the data needed to build and train your AI algorithms to work efficiently in the Legal Field? and I can only imagine the amount of data you will need to achieve this. And legal support, can you also get support to do this? “VAIOT GO AHEAD!!”

This is a GREAT question and commentary. To be brief, you are right. The quality of AI Algorithms is solely based on the data sets available to train it. We are fortunate enough to have a strong legal ecosystem full of experts from several sectors, meaning we have access to the tools and data sets necessary to tackle several different legal fields. We are starting narrow; our first use case is the Canadian immigration market, where we have already made several successful requests for information in the form of important data sets, and we have also explored the option of requesting the AI Algorithms being used by the Canadian government itself to assess submissions.

One important thing to note is that many governments hope to achieve highly advanced objectives like virtual judges, however, our goal is not to replace lawyers or judges, but to empower them. Our solutions will assist with the streamlining of legal processes through a combination of automation, intelligent contract analysis, and intelligent contract generation.

Community Question 3: Hii guys

I have one doubt about VAIOT SMART CONTRACTS auditing, please clear it.

You have mentioned contract generation, are you talking about the intelligent contracts there? I must admit, I got lost when reading it, I am going to need you to dumb down the concept for me a bit, haha, what exactly are those?

Hey! Thanks for your question, apologies for getting a little too complex with the explanations. VAIOT’s Intelligent Contracts are effectively smart contracts enhanced by AI and supported by blockchain (think LARGE data sets).

For example, with Intelligent Contracts, our legal assistant can supply services for producing hiring documents and/or employment documentation for internal purposes instead of a company needing a law firm on retainer for these purposes. This saves the companies through automation and a streamlining of these internal processes. In terms of audition our code/contracts, we are using real law firms and legal experts to ensure our contracts are all rock solid with precedent. We will also be running a program where users can supply VAIOT with a broad scope of real contracts to populate our AI with real, enforceable agreements for sectors and jurisdictions we support.

Learn more about VAIOT




VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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