VAIOT AMA Series Recap

For those, who missed out our AMA videos on YouTube or want to recap what they have already learned about VAIOT from short videos, we have prepared a summary of the first part of the VAIOT’s AMA Series.

Below you can find the transcript of three first videos covering topics such as products offered by VAIOT, factors differentiating VAIOT from other projects or deliverables of the roadmap.

What products are offered by VAIOT?

As part of our business plan, we have envisioned 3 business lines. In terms of products that were already developed and are being delivered and pitched to clients, we have AI Sales Assistant, which is a product allowing users to acquire goods and services through interaction with AI Assistant. We are actively pitching this solution to multiple clients. This is a solution that is not only pitched for the sales processes but also to handle KYC processes or digitalize public administration processes. It can also be applied in e-commerce. We also discussed the implementation of our solution with a potential client from the medical sector, where the AI Assistant would be responsible for patience handling.

Another one is AI Broker which, already in the testing phase, has integrated one of the crypto insurance providers. Right now, it is being pitched for B2B purposes as an aggregating service for sales conducted by businesses from different sectors.

The third solution is currently in works, so it is a future product — the Easy Contracts application, which is the first iteration of the AI Legal Assistant. This is also a consumer-oriented solution. This one is mostly to allow people to strike delas between each other which are supported by intelligent contracts.

What makes VAIOT different and stand out?

First of all, we are the first ever project to be regulated on the VFAs Act in Malta. It is a fairly strict regulation introduced by the Maltese government in 2018 as the first one in the European Union to regulate cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It imposes several obligations on VAIOT including annual security audits, AML/CFT audits, constant checks and monitoring by our VFA agent and partner — Grant Thornton.

Another differentiating factor for VAIOT is the fact that we connect AI and blockchain on the technological level. It can especially be seen and experienced by users by the fact that we use AI Assistants as a user-friendly interface for all of our products. User interaction with blockchain technology happens through the human-like interface.

Another important factor is that VAIOT has decided to develop the project and technology in a legal services niche in the blockchain space. We decided to introduce the blockchain technology as part of legal services and this is something new. This whole idea develops and brings strong foundation for the concept of decentralized law.

VAIOT is also transdiagnostic, which means that our solutions can be used no matter which trend currently transpires in the market. The best example is VAIOT’s meta-agreements that are being used and developed for metaverse projects.

Lastly, VAIOT is fortunate enough to be working with a multitude of partners from different economic sectors e.g., legal services, general consulting and technology development.

Why does the team create a project with a very long roadmap like e.g., testnet?

So, the roadmap is usually the outcome of both project and company’s vision and deliverables. Usually, the more deliverables, the bigger the vision is, and the longer the roadmap and timeline for delivery are. At VAIOT we had very ambitious goals in terms of technology development and product development. Building Legal Assistant, and legal contracts based on blockchain was never an easy task. We also envisioned building a lot of proprietary technology that will differentiate us on the market and build company value.

Part of this question is specifically about Testnet. For us Testnet is a good development practice. It is natural to have Testnet network ahead of Mainnet network in order to be able to spot any potential bugs or security vulnerabilities.

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VAIOT offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Faster, easier, and affordable.

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VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.