VAIOT 2024 — Sharing our plans.

4 min readJan 16, 2024

2024 has arrived and marks the 6th year of VAIOT’s operations!

VAIOT Limited was incorporated in Malta in 2018; received initial funding in 2019 when the joint development project for MVP with IBM was launched; got regulated under the VFA Act in Malta in 2020 and launched on Uniswap and KuCoin as part of DAO Maker’s ecosystem in early 2021.

Since then we’ve been tirelessly working to progress the integration of AI and blockchain technology in both web2 and web3.

Last year was packed with development and allowed us to finalize a couple of pieces of our AI Legal Assistant product suite. You can read more on that subject in our 2023 summary article here:

We move into 2024 with a strong vision, and hence we’d like to share our plans with you, VAIOTeers — our dearest audience and long-time supporters. Here is what we plan to achieve:

UX/UI design for the Web2 product market launch commences — Q1 2024

VAIOT will start 2024 on a high note with a pre-planned launch of the UX/UI design project co-executed with a specialized third-party service provider to introduce a top-notch frontend design for AI Legal Assistant Web2 Suite web application that will serve its first customers later in 2024.

Looking at the current competitor landscape we’ve identified UX/UI design as one of the key success factors for our Web2 product launch allowing for proper user acquisition and increasing the quality of user experience within the system. The Web2 web application frontend will initially differ from the current UX/UI design of VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant to better align with the current market conditions for Web2 users.

AI Legal Assistant Web2 Suite component co-development project launch — Q1 2024

In 2024, VAIOT is set to achieve a major milestone with the market launch of a Web2 component within our AI Legal Assistant’s Suite. This pivotal step forward is underpinned by our commitment to excellence and innovation. To ensure the timely and efficient development of both the backend and frontend of our Web2 application, we are mobilizing our team of top-tier developers. These skilled professionals are at the forefront of their fields, bringing a rapid development pace and cutting-edge solutions.

Our focus remains steadfast on delivering a state-of-the-art LawTech solution to serve our first customers in one of the largest European markets. VAIOT is not just preparing for a product launch; we are setting a new standard in legal technology.

VAIOT AI Mainnet Announcement — H1 2024

VAIOT is working daily to revolutionize the AI and blockchain landscape. Our team has been meticulously crafting a groundbreaking approach to this integration, culminating in the development of the AI Mainnet Lightpaper and the Technical Design. This project is not just a recent endeavor; it’s the result of extensive strategic planning and collaboration with some of the most brilliant minds in the cryptocurrency space. We are poised to reveal the details of this visionary project, which promises to redefine the standards in AI and blockchain integration. The foundation we’ve established is robust, paving the way for a 2024 launch that aims to position VAIOT at the forefront of technological innovation. Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks as we unveil a vision that’s set to transform the industry.

VAIOT AI Legal Assistant v2 Public Beta - H1 2024

Our development team is currently working on the addition of a new contract type (NDA) to the AI Legal Assistant. The NDA contents were prepared in cooperation with Grant Thornton Malta. At the same time, our blockchain developers are finalizing the work on the VAI Payback mechanism which will be integrated with the v2 of VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant with a couple of new features. Taking the above into account a public beta testing round of the v2 will be launched in the first months of 2024.

VAI Payback Mechanism Launch — H1 2024

As mentioned above, one of VAI’s key utilities is being developed as we speak. We expect it to be finalized both on the blockchain and application layer in Q1 2024. Once done it will be integrated with the AI Legal Assistant v2 and opened to a wide audience for testing. Through the public testing round, we plan to achieve a launch-ready version that will be integrated and market-launched with our Web2 component of the AI Legal Assistant Suite and will further serve as a key token utility within the whole AI Legal Assistant Suite for both Web2 and Web3 users.

VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant Web2 Suite market launch — H2 2024

Since its inception, VAIOT has been looking for diversification of its solution portfolio and revenue streams. Initial business plans anticipated that to successfully operate within the Web3 space, working on blockchain-related innovations the company itself must generate steady revenue streams coming from Web2 customers. In 2024, VAIOT’s work on the AI Legal Assistant Suite is expected to bear fruits with the launch of a Web2 component for customers in one of the EU markets. One of the examples of features created for a Web2 product launch is the CMS (Content Management System) for AI Legal Assistant which simplifies and automates the integration of legal documents with the Assistant’s backend. This in turn allows for the enhancement of the process of introducing new legal document templates into the platform and increases the pace of the Assistant’s learning for various legal cases.

— — — — — — — — —

As usual, a new year of operations might bring events, accomplishments, and activities not mentioned above such as new exchange listings, development of sub-products complementing AI Legal Assistant’s solutions suite, exciting partnerships, and more.

We wish ourselves, and you VAIOTeers, an exciting year ahead!




VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.