VAI Token Pre-Staking Re-Launch!

We are excited to announce that VAI Pre-Staking V2 will launch on 10.03.21!

The community spoke and we listened! Taking into account the valuable feedback we have received after releasing the initial version of pre-staking, we have decided to launch VAI Pre-Staking V2.

What’s new?

  • Instant withdrawals
  • Higher APY

From now on you can deposit VAI Tokens via our Pre-Staking Dapp and start passively earning more VAI ;)

Stake now 👉

VAI Pre-Staking V1 can still be accessed via

NOTE: Deposits for VAI Pre-Staking V1 will remain blocked/disabled.
Users who have already joined the initial version of VAIOT’s Pre-Staking are still committed to the old withdrawal rules. Meaning that they will not be able to withdraw their staked VAI & rewards until May 2021. We will compensate all early stakers with extra $VAI rewards!!!

VAI Token Smart Contract Address 0x9f801c1f02af03cc240546dadef8e56cd46ea2e9

NOTE: Please make sure that you only use information, links, addresses provided via the official VAIOT channels.


Start: on 10.03.2021
Duration: approx. 9 month
will be accumulated from the very beginning
are available to be processed at any time

A maximum of 10,000,000 VAI Tokens can be staked during the whole Pre-Staking program. It amounts to around 17,1% of the total circulating supply at the end of the program (58,432,384 VAI). As the whole token supply will not be available from the beginning, tokens will be accepted for staking according to the following schedule. Taking a 10-wave approach allows controlling the supply available on the market.


During the Pre-Staking there will be a reward for each full day the VAI Tokens were staked, until the day your withdrawal was initiated or until the last day of the program. The initial reward rate will be 35% per year (annualized). However, depending on how much is staked the reward rate will increase by 2%:

0 –2,500,000 VAIs staked: 35% annual reward rate

2,500,000–5,000,000 VAIs staked: 37% annual reward rate

5,000,000–7,500,000 VAIs staked: 39 % annual reward rate

7,500,000–10,000,000 VAIs staked: 41% annual reward rate

There will be an individual bonus in form of a 0.2% reward increase for each full day staked. Regardless of the general reward rate of each day: 35%, 37%, 39%, or 41%. The bonus reward is calculated from the base reward.

Example: if on day one the reward rate is 35% on the next day it will be increased by 0.07% meaning your reward will be 35,245% and on the next day by an additional 0.07% it will be 35,490 and so on. [0.35x0.02=0.07%]

We are expecting the Smart Contract to calculate and have rewards enabled for around 9 months. However, there will be a maximum of rewards the smart contract will support → 4,500,000 VAIs.

However, if at any time before the maximum is reached, VAIOT, at its own discretion, can choose to disable the rewards to be further calculated, announcing this change through all public available channels and giving enough time for everybody to prepare to claim their rewards and VAIs. Disabling the rewards will just disable any future rewards from the time it was executed; all past rewards will not be affected, and anyone will be able to claim them at all times.

Enjoy the Staking!


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