The Future of Contract Management: VAIOT’s CMS DraftFlow Connector

3 min readFeb 5, 2024

In the fast-paced world of legal tech and AI innovation, VAIOT continues to push boundaries with the development of its cutting-edge CMS DraftFlow Connector.

Born from a strategic vision to optimize and elevate the functionalities of both the AI Legal Assistant and a novel tool leveraging form systems for contract creation, this platform signifies a notable advancement in automating intricate processes. Moreover, our extensive documentation and API not only provide robust support, but also offer a wide range of integration possibilities with a diverse range of products, aligning with VAIOT’s future plans.

The initial challenge stemmed from the time-consuming nature of implementation tasks, ranging from building knowledge base, training AI, testing NLP (Natural Language Processing), as well as constructing dialogs based on provided documents that utilize NLP and ML (machine learning) technology within our AI Legal Assistant. Given the extensive development plans for the platform, we aimed to relieve our programming team of such tasks. Therefore, we decided to create a Low-Code tool, the DraftFlow Creator, serving as a CMS for the AI Legal Assistant.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Contract Drafting

The team can seamlessly upload documents provided by lawyers directly into the system, and then integrate them with the AI Legal Assistant system, expanding its existing database. The platform allows for the drafting and modification of contracts, ensuring that AI Legal Assistant agreements remain current.

  • Form Builder

The Form Builder System allows for the intuitive and straightforward modification of questions and entire forms that can influence information gathering, improving the process of creating a fully personalized draft document. This dynamic feature guides the conversation flow, facilitating the completion of agreements with efficiency and clarity.

  • AI Configuration

The integrated AI parameter configurator ensures an optimized user conversational experience with artificial intelligence. We aim for our tool to leverage legal knowledge but convey it in a manner accessible to individuals not regularly involved in this industry. The capability to adjust the primary AI parameters fulfills these criteria, ensuring accessibility and fostering unique conversations.

  • Knowledge Base

We strive to ensure that our AI has access to the latest and professional knowledge. DraftFlow Creator enables the expansion of the Assistant’s knowledge base quickly and reliably. Documents and online sources are no longer a challenge. This solution enhances AI’s ability to engage in more contextually aware conversations.

  • Testing

Draft configurations and AI behaviors can be tested directly in the CMS before rolling out updates. This ensures that updates can be implemented effortlessly without impacting the production environment.

The Next Phase

Currently, we are testing the system simultaneously with the implementation of the NDA agreement. Subsequently, we will integrate additional functionalities into the NDA agreement, such as the ability to save the agreement as a smart contract, significantly contributing to the security of the information contained within it, as well as the creation of a personalized certificate based on ZK-SNARK technology.

As always, our focus remains on harnessing technology to revolutionize and simplify legal services. The CMS is an important step in making that vision a reality at scale.

Stay Tuned for Legal Tech Advancements!


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