The Future of Contract Analysis: VAIOT’s Contract Reader

3 min readJun 27


Step into the future with VAIOT as we harness the force of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to create advanced Intelligent Assistants for businesses and individuals. Our mission? To revolutionize the legal landscape and make it accessible to everyone through our groundbreaking AI Legal Assistant.

As part one of our upcoming AI Legal Assistant launch, we’re thrilled to introduce to you one of the most integral parts of our Assistant — The Contract Reader! Accessible via the AI Legal Assistant platform, this will redefine how you review and interact with legal contracts and agreements.

The Contract Reader provides users with a seamless and user-friendly interface to examine and decrypt the terms and conditions of their smart contracts created through the AI Legal Assistant. These agreements are displayed in a visually appealing format, ensuring easy access to crucial contract data. Moreover, you have the option to enhance transparency by obtaining special certification for your contract to confirm that its terms were recorded on the blockchain.

We’ve designed the Contract Reader’s interface to be effortlessly intuitive and accessible for everyone, enabling everyone to harness the privacy and power of blockchain technology for legal services. With just a few taps, you can navigate through the application, effortlessly exploring and comprehending the often-intricate details of your agreement.

Contract Reader Functionality: What makes it special?

Smart Contract Decryption

With VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant platform, creating contracts is a breeze. Simply provide the necessary details, including party information, service scopes, payment methods, and schedules. Once you’re done and your contract terms are recorded on the blockchain, you can access and read the smart contract contents through an intuitive user interface of the Contract Reader application. That way you make sure that all necessary data is immutably stored on the blockchain and that it is accessible in case of any disputes for any authorized party to review.

Generate Visual Representations of Contracts

Prepare to have your smart contract come alive and become readable even without programming skills! The Contract Reader’s captivating interface presents contract terms in an easily readable format. Combining the best of graphical and textual elements, it allows you to explore service scopes, timelines, terms and conditions, and more, all at a single glance.

Seamless Contracting Parties’ Data Display

No more guessing games when it comes to party details! Contract Reader effortlessly identifies and presents all relevant information, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Verify and double-check the crucial data of party A and B with ease and confidence.

Download Contracts with Confidence

Once you’ve reviewed and validated the essential information, Contract Reader enables you to download the actual legal agreement directly from the app. Seamlessly integrate the contract into your workflow, knowing that transparency and authenticity are guaranteed.

Optional Enhanced Certification

Take control of your contract’s destiny! With Contract Reader, you have the power to purchase a certificate, amplifying transparency, safeguarding authenticity, and thwarting any attempt by unauthorized parties to counterfeit your agreement.

Intuitive User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the world of legal contracts has never been easier. Designed with simplicity in mind, Contract Reader’s user interface ensures effortless exploration and an efficient reading experience for blockchain-based contracts. We’ve even included helpful suggestions to guide you through the platform.

Step boldly into the future of smart contract analysis with VAIOT’s Contract Reader and witness the transformative power of blockchain and AI in the legal domain.


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