Meet Simon — VAIOT’s New Blockchain Developer!

2 min readJan 2, 2023

Dear VAIOTeers,

Please warmly welcome Simon, our new blockchain developer with strong frontend development skillset.

A couple of words about Simon and his experience:

As a software developer with a few years of experience in frontend development using React and NextJS, he has contributed to a range of exciting projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. He created a fully functional Python trading bot for a popular cryptocurrency trading group and has also helped to create a DAO for one of the most well-known NFT galleries. In addition, he has designed and implemented multiple minting pages and smart contracts for NFT projects and developed a range of tools for cryptocurrency traders, such as a wallet whale tracker and a tool that allows users to purchase NFTs based on their attributes and price. He has also worked on a freelance basis for a company that audits contracts and has launched ERC20 tokens with carefully considered tokenomics.

We are thrilled to have Simon on board and responsible for developing the blockchain side of various use cases for Intelligent Contracts and contributing heavily to developing the mainnet. You can already see some of Simon’s frontend and blockchain work as he is the author of the Giveaway Contracts solution, which we published recently on our socials.

You’ll be able to chat with Simon on our Community Channel and as part of the community testing campaigns for Intelligent Contracts.

*Please note that for security reasons and according to our Information Security Policies, we do not publicly share any personal data (photos, full names, etc.) of VAIOT Limited employees working in the most sensitive areas, such as software development. This is to prevent social engineering and other malicious attacks on our staff.


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