Meet Michael — VAIOT’s New Backend Developer

2 min readJan 24, 2023

Dear VAIOTeers,

Please warmly welcome Michael, our new backend developer, who is going to develop new and enhance existing VAIOT solutions’ functionalities.

A couple of words about Michael and his experience:

Over several years as a full stack developer with a focus on backend, he has contributed to variety of interesting and until now prospecting projects. He has collaborated on the development of a microservice architecture for the business operating its own devices across the country. In addition, he has done both backend and frontend from scratch for so-called kiosk devices along with the web interface and designed many websites. He has also created the CMS platform and has developed and implemented the DMS system which stores all incoming documents, and allows for file sharing, tracking, and managing. In his portfolio, we can also find a communicator using VoIP technology or bots for discord.

We are excited to have Michael on board and responsible for developing the backend side of various use cases for Intelligent Contracts and contributing heavily to developing the other VAIOT’s solutions. Michael will join the workstream responsible for developing the AI-based document/contract module generator and will support our blockchain developers building backend for Intelligent Contracts (e.g. Giveaway contract SM platforms and blockchain integration).

We know Michael is going to be a valuable asset to our company as we already see him bringing new and innovative ideas and solutions for VAIOT’s development.

Please note that for security reasons and according to our Information Security Policies, we do not publicly share any personal data (photos, full names, etc.) of VAIOT Limited employees working in the most sensitive areas, such as software development. This is to prevent social engineering and other malicious attacks on our staff.


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