Meet Mariusz — VAIOT’s New Product Owner

2 min readFeb 7, 2023

At VAIOT we have been working on the expansion of our team with a Product Owner who would take the lead in the development of our #AI-based products. It required a person with an experience in the development of #AI Assistants as well as both B2B and B2C solutions. Last week we’ve welcomed Mariusz as our new Product Owner.

A couple of words about Mariusz and his experience:

Over several years, working in the product development area, he has contributed to many interesting projects. His professional career started in digital marketing. He has been then working for several media agencies developing programmatic advertisements, utilizing YouTube or Facebook. After that he started growing his skills and broadening his knowledge in the product development area which he has been doing until now. He joined the company that was developing Intelligent Virtual Assistants and chatbots for different business use-cases and clients. He has led the group of 5 developers working on utilizing AI Assistants for marketing purposes, HR, e.g., recruitment and onboarding processes, as well as creating voice bots for customers from different sectors such as medical, financial, or automotive. As a Product Owner he has managed and overseen a couple of commercial implementations of IVAs and chatbots for renown European brands.

As a Product Owner, together with his team, he developed a proprietary platform for creating chat bots and webchats targeted mainly at the HR area (the platform had its own mini ATS and integrations with the largest ATS on the Polish market). For this type of bots, they relied on NLP and NLU engines. Voicebots were additionally supported by the ASR which is a technology that allows for transcribing spoken words into written text.

Additionally, along with the development team, following the Agile methodology, framework Scrum, he has built the website builder for eCommerce and a platform that automates the creation of AdWords ads in the Google search engine, as well as banner ads on Facebook and Pinterest.

We are excited to welcome Mariusz to the team. He will be responsible for managing the product development processes, strongly focusing on developing various use-cases for Intelligent Contracts and enhancing other VAIOT’s solutions.

Mariusz’s LinkedIn profile:


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