Meet Jacob — VAIOT’s New Community Manager

2 min readMar 28, 2023


We’re happy to announce an addition to our team, Jacob Rogers, who will fill the position of the Community Manager.

If you are an active member of VAIOT’s Community Channel, you might have already come across Jacob. As a Community Manager, he will coordinate our community moderators’ team, monitor community engagement and track on feedback of the chat members, moderate engagement within the community and work on maintaining a harmonized communication between our broad and diverse network of investors and customers.

A couple of words about Jacob and his experience:

Over ten years, working in areas such as sales, marketing, and technology, Jacob has gained much experience in managing various projects, setting and implementing social media and communication strategies and managing good relations with investors and customers. Working as a team lead on Verizon Media’s Yahoo project, he sharpened his skills not only as a data analyst, but as a resource coordinator and thought leader. Later, he has been taking over management and advisory roles in a variety of projects across the space and developed his interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related topics.

As a Community Manager Jacob strives to put all the pieces in place necessary for VAIOT to grow into the future.

If you ever encounter some issues, need support from one of the team members that is available at all times in our online communities, feel free to reach out to Jacob. For your convenience, we leave here his Telegram username: @JacobRCM.


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