Introduction to IBM Watson

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One of the biggest talking points surrounding VAIOT is our utilization of IBM Watson, and for those who are not familiar with Watson’s capabilities, here is a quick explainer article to tell you all about it. Let’s dive right in.

What is IBM Watson?

So, what is IBM Watson? IBM Watson is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for business. It processes, among other things critical insights, relationships, and patterns across unstructured emails, tweets, images, and more; to improve decisions based on real-time trends. That gives access to valuable insights from social media trends to predict future outcomes, automate complex processes, and optimize the user’s time.

Watson’s AI technology is something that experts like to call explainable AI. That means it is a set of processes and methods that allow human users to understand and trust the results and output created by machine learning algorithms. Explainable AI is vital for businesses in building trust and confidence when putting AI models into production. AI explainability also helps adopt a responsible approach to AI development.

How Does IBM Watson Work?

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence system. Artificial intelligence is a technology set that gives machines the power to learn, adapt to new input, and make better decisions via machine learning. Machine learning uses computer algorithms to analyze data and make intelligent decisions based on the information gathered. It is how streaming sites such as Netflix recommend new series and movies to watch.

You might wonder what separated Watson from other AI learning systems. Watson uses an advanced machine learning technique called “Deep Learning”. This mechanism layers algorithms to create an artificial neural network; it can continuously learn and determine whether decisions are correct or not. That way, it constantly improves the accuracy of the results; this enables it to obtain knowledge from unstructured data such as videos and photographs.

What exactly does that mean?

It means Watson can make highly complex determinations from several different data mediums and subsets. For example, Watson can identify the damages on a car after a crash via video and photo and communicate this directly to an insurance agency. Deep learning also lets IBM Watson understand languages and improve their natural flow by breaking down sentences which it then analyzes and finds both concepts and relations of those sentences. After that, it can understand how everything fits together and work out the context and intent. This is one of the reasons behind VAIOT using IBM Watson for its portfolio of Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

Additionally, IBM Watson uses “Transferred Learning”, which allows it to quickly understand and analyze the specific language related to an industry such as the automotive or financial industry. Transfer learning is what lets IBM Watson learn more from less. Therefore, it doesn’t need to learn everything from scratch.

Moreover, Transfer Learning allows Watson to learn from smaller sets of data and your data and insights. The system is designed only to transfer data from the bottom to the top, so it’s possible to keep ownership of your top layer of information while taking advantage of the two bottom (basic) layers of knowledge. Many AI systems use your data and that of all their clients to learn and share the data throughout their user base. Watson’s three-layer model ensures that your data is safely secured and remains your data.

IBM Watson and VAIOT

At the heart of the comprehensive VAIOT systems, there are several technologies created by IBM, customized to the needs of VAIOT and fully exploiting the potential of the solution.

One of the elements implemented by VAIOT is the IBM Watson Assistant — a comprehensive framework that allows you to create intelligent assistants, bots, and other forms of communication with consumers. The solution is effective and intuitive, and above all, flexible. The IBM Watson Assistant makes it possible for VAIOT to allow a higher level of conversation fluency with VAIOT’s Virtual AI Assistant and increased user experience while dividing into different specialty areas for Legal Assistant, Broker, and Merchant.

Furthermore, another essential component for VAIOT is the IBM Watson Discovery, which searches for interaction and information patterns. On this basis, it creates a resource of data to be processed. Through IBM Watson Technologies’ support, VAIOT can create highly intuitive Artificial Intelligence and blockchain-based solutions that facilitate a new channel for delivering and accessing numerous services with a vastly improved user experience.

VAIOT is committed to revolutionizing the business and legal space, and with Watson, we have a proven foundation on which to build the assistants of the future.

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