Introducing Stephany: Fueling Growth and Marketing as Product Marketing Manager at VAIOT

We’re thrilled to introduce Stephany as the newest addition to our dynamic team at VAIOT.

2 min readApr 2, 2024

With a rich experience in psychology, product management, and marketing, Stephany brings an interesting blend of skills and a passion for innovation to her role as Product Marketing Manager.

Stephany’s main motivation is to create user-centric solutions for real-life problems by understanding people’s needs and leveraging technology for positive change.

With a background in psychology and AI, she possesses a keen understanding of human behaviour and technology — a valuable asset in driving user engagement, marketing contributions and product adoption.

In her previous roles, she implemented strategies to improve customer onboarding experience at a crypto FinTech company in Spain and worked implementing marketing campaigns as well as optimising the LLM response and data for training at Innervoices, an AI startup which works on creating personalised mental wellness support.

With a focus on driving market awareness and enhancing our PR and marketing campaign, Stephany will work with marketing and product teams to contribute with strategic initiatives to expand our global reach and solidify our position as a leader in the industry.

Stephany noted:

“People think the future is AI, I believe VAIOT is taking this to the next step by combining the latest technological innovations. I am amazed by the team’s commitment and I cannot wait to start contributing to shaping the future of the industry with them”

Let’s welcome Stephany to the team!


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