Introducing Payback System in the VAIOT AI Legal Assistant

4 min readMar 1, 2024

We are excited to announce that VAIOT’s development team has officially approved the frontend design for our upcoming VAI Payback rewards mechanism in the AI Legal Assistant and the functionality is expected to be available for testing in the upcoming v2 of the solution.

After thorough testing, design refinements and usability studies, we are confident that the new integrated implementation will provide users a seamless, cohesive experience when engaging with rewards and incentives.

Alongside the choice to create a user account with a login (email and password) and the option to link it to a cryptocurrency wallet, users will also have the convenience of logging in through their Google and Apple accounts. This flexibility ensures ease of access and enhances user experience. Creating an optional account provides benefits whether or not a crypto wallet is involved, as it allows users to track their interactions and accumulate rewards over time through a personalised profile page.

Benefits for Non-Wallet Users

  • For those without a crypto wallet, users will be able to collect virtual coupons known as VAI Points. These points hold the same value as the VAI payback earned by users with a connected crypto wallet. Their accumulated VAI balance can be redeemed to offset transaction costs on the AI Legal Assistant. For example, users may redeem their balance to lower the price of purchasing legal documents.
  • Each user will have their own unique profile page that can be personalised (such as, users can upload an avatar image to represent themselves on the platform). Additionally, this profile page serves as a portal to access detailed transaction histories. Users can utilise it to track the growth of earned rewards over time, which includes monitoring the accumulation of VAI Points through transactional engagement activities. Furthermore, users will have visibility into the appreciation of their staked VAI Payback, reflecting a concept similar to that of a financial deposit accruing interest over time.
  • Users have the flexibility to connect their existing cryptocurrency wallet to their account at any time. Upon linking their wallet, the user will stop accumulating VAI points for their activities and instead begin collecting VAI Payback. Should the user later choose to disconnect their wallet from their account, the system will smoothly switch them back to earning VAI points for their engagement.

Benefits for Wallet Users

  • For those who do have an existing cryptocurrency wallet and link it to their account, their earned VAI Payback will be automatically deposited into our staking smart contract. This immediately enables the VAI Payback to begin earning an extended reward.
  • Within the staking contract, users passively generate additional returns on their VAI balance without needing to manage the process manually. The accruing rewards can then either be redeemed for purchases in the AI assistant platform or withdrawn back to the user’s external wallet.
  • Users also have the option to receive any VAI Payback directly into their linked wallet, without first depositing it into the staking contract. This provides flexibility depending on each user’s specific needs and preferences


By introducing user accounts and VAI Payback mechanism, VAIOT aims to reward engagement with the AI Legal Assistant and is committed to evolving these features based on ongoing feedback.

Whether users prefer to interact directly on the platform or within the wider crypto networks, their contributions will be recognised and provide long-term incentive to participate. It is an important step towards a truly engaged and participant-driven AI ecosystem focused on legal empowerment worldwide.

Stay Tuned for Legal Tech Advancements!


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