Beta Testing Campaign for Giveaway Contracts Platform

4 min readMar 9, 2023

We are happy to announce the launch of the Beta Testing Campaign for the first use case of Intelligent Contracts for incentivized social media campaigns — the Giveaway Contracts Platform.

The Giveaway Contracts Platform is scheduled to go live after an extensive beta testing period that begins on 09–03–2023, during which testers will report bugs, share their ideas for future developments and enhancements. The Beta Testing Campaign will continue until the end of March and will result in the release of an updated version of the Platform based on the bugs and development suggestions reported by testers.

VAIOT’s Giveaway Platform allows any influencer, content creator or project founder to organize and run social media engagement campaigns through Twitter and award participants for actions taken. Read more:

What to expect during the Beta Testing

The BETA version of the VAIOT’s Giveaway Platform was made to evaluate the current functionalities, backend mechanisms and to review user experience. This version presents the process of creating the incentivized social media campaign, including choosing the assets for the rewards distribution, and establishing the requirements to be met by participants. VAIOT will use this version to further enhance and improve the platform.

Details about the Giveaway Platform BETA:

  • Users can organize giveaway campaigns through Twitter.
  • Anybody who wants to create a giveaway contract has to select assets that will be sent to the winner/s of and decide how these will be distributed. The available options are MATIC, ETH and NFTs.
  • The campaign creator specifies the basic assumptions and criteria necessary to be met to participate.
  • The main goal of this beta testing is to gather insights about user preferences. We want to identify the areas of improvement that will enhance the overall user experience and ensure seamless functionality.
  • At the moment, the application supports only Metamask’ wallets. Please use the browser that is compatible with Metamask.

The testing will end on 31.03.2023.

Note: To access the platform and create a giveaway campaign, you need to login into your Metamask account.

Assumptions for BETA testing

You are an influencer, content creator, project founder or marketing specialist:

  1. That wants to engage their community to participate in incentivized social media campaigns and grow their outreach on social media platforms.
  2. That wants to benefit from the automation that the tool offers (random reward distribution) to increase the transparency and credibility.

Rewards for Active Testers

For testers actively participating in the development of the VAIOT’s Giveaway Platform, VAIOT has allocated $2000 in $VAIs to be divided among the top 5 testers with the highest number of points.

  • Tester no. 5 — 100 USD
  • Tester no. 4 — 150 USD
  • Tester no. 3 — 250 USD
  • Tester no. 2 — 500 USD
  • Tester no. 1 — 1000 USD

Being active means:

  • Sharing your remarks, experiences, and findings.
  • Reporting potential bugs.
  • Sharing ideas for future development.
  • Providing quality feedback.

How to get points?

The number of suggestions given, functionality amendment suggestions, new features, and bugs raised will count as aspects to earn points on the board.

  • Each bug raised through the bug reporting form will earn 2 points.
  • Development, system enhancement, and new functionality suggestions (after approval based on the quality of the suggestion) will earn 4 points.

All testers can report bugs and share their remarks through a dedicated JIRA-based web platform available on:

In the portal, you will find two different forms with all necessary data fields to be used to report any bugs or share development suggestions.

The VAIOT Beta Testing campaign for the Decentralized Giveaway Platform will have a scoreboard on which you can track your progress and see if you are in the top 5!

Access it here:

How to participate?

The access to the Giveaway Platform is open for everybody. Simply go to:, connect your Metamask wallet and start testing.

The beta testing phase of Giveaway Contract Platform utilizies Goerli and Mumbai testnets to operate. In order to help us test the platform, and participate in the 2000 USD reward pool, you should grab some test MATIC from and test GOERLI from

If you do not have Goerli / Mumbai network added to your Metamask, just go to and click the button in the top right of your screen — when you choose “Goerli Testnet” or “Mumbai Testnet” it will automatically add it to your metamask and it will switch networks for you.

The VAIOT Team highly appreciates all the support and looks forward to working together with our community to identify further remarks, issues and bugs you might encounter during the testing phase.


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