AssetRush in Zurich 2023 and cooperation with Carre de Finance

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VAIOT’s Insightful Showcase at Asset Rush Conference in Zurich: The future of Legal Services

March 23rd VAIOT participated in the seventh edition of the AssetRush conference in Zurich.

What is AssetRush?

AssetRush is a premier event for innovators and investors who are at the forefront of shaping the financial landscape. The conference enables participants to connect with investment banks & firms, digital asset trading companies, VCs, and industry leaders to get inspired by the latest developments in alternative and digital assets, discuss breakthrough technology innovations, or seek investments.

The conference offers room for entrepreneurs representing various industries, this year among participants one could find representatives from the banking, energy industry, or biotech sector. VAIOT was the only participant that showcased a vision of a merger of the innovative technology and legal sector.

VAIOT’s cooperation with Carre de Finance and ongoing growth efforts

VAIOT’s presentation during the Asset Rush conference was possible due to fruitful cooperation between VAIOT and Carre de Finance, a high-profile Asset Management firm based in Luxembourg. Carre de Finance specializes in offering innovative and out-of-the-box-minded structure services for structural proposals for real estate development, real estate finance solutions, refinance solutions, fundraising and SPV and Investment Management, among other things. VAIOT’s speech at Asset Rush allowed to present the vision to revolutionize the legal services sector with the usage of AI to a variety of VCs, investment banks and potential partners strengthening the ongoing growth efforts.

“We know the potential behind AI empowering the traditional legal services sector. We have a unique strategy to grasp 1% of the legal services market in the coming years that we’ll be sharing with the world at some point in the next couple of months. I’m glad that our speech at Asset Rush allowed many people from financial sector to understand the potential behind VAIOT and the digitization of legal services which opened a lot of promising discussions with potential partners. In general, it was a very fruitful conference and I’m sure it will bring a lot of good to VAIOT in the coming weeks.” — Pawel Stopczynski said. VAIOT, backed by its partners, is currently implementing its growth strategy to enable the realization of the vision showcased during Asset Rush.

  • See Sven Janssens, Director at Carre de Finance and Pawel Stopczynski, VAIOT’s R&D Director promo ahead of Asset Rush conference:

Our Speech

Paweł Stopczyński, VAIOT’s R&D Director as a speaker at AssetRush in Zurich painted a compelling picture of VAIOT filling a niche of legal services delivery by merging Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, particularly focusing on VAIOT’s revolutionary product — the AI Legal Assistant.

The conference, known for assembling some of the best minds from various industries, provided a perfect platform for discussing breakthrough technology innovation — AI Legal Assistant. Stopczynski’s speech was nothing short of exceptional, spotlighting the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence in the legal realm.

His speech began with the summary of the current state of Legal Tech, then navigated to the promising future of the Legal Tech, seamlessly connecting it to VAIOT’s ambitions. Central to his narrative was the unveiling of the AI Legal Assistant, an AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize legal services and make them more accessible to everybody and VAIOT’s goal to reach 1% of the global legal services market worth 788,94 billion (2022) with its products.

The AI Legal Assistant is not just a response to the AI trend; it’s the result of years of diligent work. It aims to make legal services faster, cheaper, and more accurate than ever before.

“VAIOT is at the forefront of making AI not just a technological advancement, but a real game-changer in providing legal services.”, says Stopczynski.

The AI Legal Assistant collects details from the user and creates professional contracts. It will eventually be able to also review the content of any contract, effectively aiding companies in decision-making about signing. For individuals, it provides instant legal advice, making professional counsel accessible 24/7.

From the stirring presentation by Stopczynski to the discussions that followed the speech, it is clear that VAIOT is pioneering the AI revolution in Legal Tech. The Asset Rush Conference provided an opportunity for VAIOT to show its potential and for the world to witness VAIOT’s commitment to innovation. We look forward to seeing the company shape the future of the legal industry.


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