AI Legal Assistant V2 Beta Test Recap

5 min readMay 20, 2024


From April 17th to May 14th, we ran a public beta test campaign for Version 2 of our AI Legal Assistant. During this test, we held several campaigns to gamify and encourage our community members to get involved. In this article, we provide insights, metrics, and results of this month-long campaign!

The V2 applications within the AI Legal Assistant platform that were tested include the enhanced AI Assistant (Contract Creation), the Contract Reader, zk-SNARK certificates, and the verification of Certificates.

We must also take this time to thank every single individual who made this beta test a success! From our community to our campaign participants and testers, your contributions have been invaluable.

Summary of the Campaign

This time around, we aimed to reward and acknowledge those who joined the campaign, tested the product, AND spread the word about our AI technology. We rewarded BOTH our best beta testers and our community engagers to drive awareness and action.

Participants had the chance to win $8,000 worth of $VAI tokens over the course of our three mini-campaigns within the overall beta test:

1. Leaderboard Rewards: The top 5 participants who provided the most valuable feedback and identified critical bugs earned rewards ranging from $100 to $800 in VAI tokens.

2. Threshold Rewards: The first 50 participants to reach 15 points by providing valuable feedback each received $40 in VAI tokens.

3. Twitter Participation: Each week, 20 randomly selected participants who engaged with our campaign on Twitter by retweeting the contest post and following @VAIOT_LTD received $50 in VAI tokens.

Participants could also interact directly with the AI Assistant and get involved in its development by reporting bugs and development suggestions using our Jira form. The Jira testers doing this heavy lifting had a separate leaderboard hosted by VAIOT.

Despite some initial challenges, we witnessed outstanding results across the board. We believe this was achieved thanks to the hard work of the developers, the VAIOT team, and our patient and driven beta testing community.

Beta Test Results Overview

➡️ 1990 Reports on Jira 108.6% increase from the last Beta Test

- 129 bug reports 25% less than the last Beta Test suggesting a significant system improvement

- 1891 development suggestions

- 20 of those reports were considered helpful in development.

- 4 of the bug reports were considered immediately critical to the function and have been or are being addressed in development sprints.

➡️ 1.58 million non-unique API calls from user interaction

➡️ 54,000 interactions on

➡️ 8,000 unique users tested the AI Legal Assistant v2 BETA which is an increase of +116.94%

➡️ 230 unique wallets connected to AI Legal Assistant

➡️ 24 zk-SNARK certificates were created

➡️ 53 contracts were created within the AI Legal Assistant

Engagement data:

➡️ Twitter

- 540.9K + Impressions

- 1000 + link clicks

- 12.400 + likes

- 2.400 + retweets


Leaderboard Winners:

Threshold Winners:

Twitter Giveaway Winners (Week 1):

Twitter Giveaway Winners (Week 2):

Twitter Giveaway Winners (Week 3):

Twitter Giveaway Winners (Week 4):

All the winners who followed the participation requirements correctly will receive the rewards by the 30th of May.

Word from the Developers

“We are thrilled with the results of this beta test. The significant increase in participation, decrease in bug reports, and rise in feature requests indicate that the AI Legal Assistant is functioning exceptionally well. The engagement and valuable feedback from our community have been instrumental in shaping the future of this product.

We have been working diligently to address the bugs and implement the suggested features. From improving payment processing and wallet integration to enhancing security and user experience, our team is committed to delivering a top-notch product.

Thank you to all the participants for your contributions! Your insights are invaluable in our journey to revolutionize legal services.”

Our Lead Developer, Szymon -

AI Legal Assistant Beta Test Changelog

Throughout the beta test, many changes were made based on the experience of our testers. Here are some key updates:

Week 1 (April 15–21):

Transparency was key as we encountered some challenges with Azure, which resulted in delaying our Beta Campaign kick-off from April 16th to 17th . Our team was committed to overcoming any obstacles and delivering a product that exceeded expectations.

Week 2 (April 22–28):

We optimized our Snarks system, enhancing error handling, improving queue management, and streamlining the generation flow to ensure contracts are secure. We also upgraded our AI-powered assistant, improving payment processing and wallet integration based on user feedback.

Week 3 (April 29 — May 5):

Issues with Stripe were resolved, and the payment pending logic was improved. UX-improved text was implemented, even after page refreshes.

Week 4 (May 6–12):

A new Skeleton Loader was introduced to keep users informed while data is being fetched. The Trusted/Untrusted Devices screen was enhanced for better visibility and management of connected devices.

Week 5 (May 13–14):

Contract preview logic was fixed, allowing users to properly preview contracts before signing, improving workflow and UX.


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