AI Legal Assistant Beta Test IS LIVE — A Word From the VAIOT Development Team & Best Practices

6 min readOct 18, 2023


Test the AI Legal Assistant here:

So far the beta test has been a success — apologies for the delay. We’ve already identified and are tackling several bugs that caused us to rethink some steps. As many of you know, the public beta testing was supposed to go live on Monday the 16th. As of today, the 18th, we have decided to move forward with the AI Assistant and Contract Reader accessible and functional for now — without zk-SNARK Certificate functionality. In this way, the beta test and our gamification campaigns can begin while we handle these ongoing issues.

We deeply appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as we navigate this delay in our AI Legal Assistant’s beta test launch. As we venture into the beta testing phase of VAIOT’s revolutionary AI Legal Assistant, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable contributions to the process. Your insights will be crucial as we craft the future of legal technology together.

We want to shed light on the technical intricacies that have led to this delay and provide our solutions for going forward. We’ve also compiled some best practices and additional info that may help you along your journey with the Assistant.

Please read our article explaining the full beta testing campaign in detail here.

Compiler Complications in Azure

Our development team has crafted a robust code for our AI Legal Assistant, particularly for zk-SNARKs. However, we encountered an unforeseen hurdle when attempting to upload our code onto Azure servers. The issue stems from Azure’s inability to locate the compiler within the uploaded files. In essence, our zk-SNARKs code is impeccable; however, we faced a roadblock in successfully uploading it to Azure servers. As a result, to ensure the timely release of the AI Legal Assistant beta, we’ve made some adjustments.

Understanding the Compiler’s Role

A compiler plays a pivotal role in software deployment. It transforms the source code of a web application, written in specific programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, and et cetera, into machine code or executable files. These resultant files contain a ready-to-run web application or its components, meticulously prepared for deployment on Azure servers.

AI Legal Assistant Functionality: What Remains and What Changes

While the ability to create certificates based on zk-SNARKs will be temporarily disabled, but rest assured that the core functionality of our AI Legal Assistant remains intact. Here’s a summary of the adjustments made:

Contract Reader Enhancements:

  • Users can view a list of their created contracts within the Contract Reader, mirroring the full version.
  • They can also download a full draft of the contract (the same one they received via email during contract creation) while connected to the appropriate Crypto wallet. Connecting a wallet allows you to access the list of contracts connected to a given wallet. When saving the contract as a smart contract, the user must connect the wallet. Similarly, if you want to see the list of contracts created and saved as a smart contract in Contract Reader, you must connect this wallet. This is a form of user verification. Without a wallet, the user will not be able to use Contract Reader.

Changes to Certificate Creation

  • The “Buy Certificate” button will be disabled temporarily to prevent users from engaging in a non-functional feature.
  • The “VerifyProof” application remains accessible, allowing users to explore its functionalities. However, full utilization necessitates pasting a downloaded JSON file, a step currently hindered by the certificate creation process delay.
  • Other verification options, such as QR codes or direct verification of proof in a smart contract, will also be unavailable due to the existing challenges in creating proof.

Maintaining Our Commitment to Excellence

We want to emphasize that these adjustments are temporary and have been made to ensure a smooth beta testing experience. The core essence of our AI Legal Assistant remains unchanged — users can still save contracts as smart contracts and read them from the blockchain within the Contract Reader. We are diligently working to resolve these challenges and are deeply grateful for your understanding and support.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate through these technical intricacies together. Your patience and dedication are the pillars upon which our innovations are built.

Best Practices, General Tips, and Info for Beta Testing

1. Data Privacy and Contract Creation

  • Use test/fake data during contract creation to protect user privacy.
  • Avoid real personal data; VAIOT will utilize beta test data for algorithm training and dialogue enhancements, ensuring GDPR compliance.

2 . Jira Beta Testing Leaderboard

3. Reporting Bugs and Suggestions

  • Describe issues comprehensively, providing step-by-step bug reproduction details.
  • Utilize screenshots and videos, pinpointing specific concerns for clarity.
  • Clearly state browser details, operating system, version, and error messages.
  • Report error replicability and offer a detailed reproduction guide for effective resolution.

4. Netizen Beta Testing Leaderboard

  • Participate by joining our community Telegram chat and typing “/netizen”
  • Community members will be able to gain XP and compete in a weekly leaderboard for $3000 over the next 2 weeks.
  • Content Creation: The more creative and engaging your content, the more XP points you earn. Quality matters! We also have a dedicated Telegram topic for content submissions
  • Referrals: Earn XP points for every new user you bring in through successful referrals.
  • Engagement: Active engagement, such as likes, comments, and shares, on campaign posts and community activities will earn you XP points.
  • Highlighted Content: If your content is chosen as the highlight of the day, you earn bonus XP points for your exceptional contribution.

5. Interacting with the Assistant

  • Precision in queries enhances the Assistant’s response accuracy.
  • Understand the Assistant’s limited topic range during this testing phase.
  • Response times may vary based on query complexity and data availability.
  • Avoid simultaneous queries while the Assistant requests data for a contract to prevent confusion.

6. Questioning the Assistant

  • Understand the evolving nature of the Assistant, responding in AI, blockchain (excluding investment advice), and legal (general guidance, not definitive legal advice).
  • Precision in questioning enhances response accuracy.
  • Note potential misunderstandings due to simultaneous data requests and queries, continually under improvement.
  • The Assistant is still in it’s early phases. The more we speak with it and the more feedback we get from you all — the stronger it will become.

7. Addressing the Biggest Challenges

  • Building the Assistant’s knowledge base and adapting AI algorithms remain significant challenges.
  • Complex tasks, like certificate functionality and algorithm alignment (like between CLU and GPT) demand meticulous work. It should be emphasized that these are not only algorithms affecting CLU communication with GPT. By algorithms we mean our proprietary solutions. Yes, they are responsible, among other things, for the way CLU and GPT communicate, but they also improve their synergy, when they cooperate, and what knowledge they are based on. Our proprietary solutions allow for better reading and sorting of source materials.
  • Beta testing identifies deficiencies, bugs, and potential problems paving the way for enhancements and innovations. Your input is highly important!

8. Certificate Creation Challenges (When Live)

  • Creating a ZK SNARK proof is resource-intensive; the Assistant utilizes test computational resources.
  • Proof creation duration varies based on complexity, ranging from minutes to tens of minutes.
  • Users can freely navigate to other websites during proof creation without interruptions.

9. Alternate testnet token faucets

  • Every faucet is different, has different requirements, and gives or “drips” you a differing amount of testnet tokens. We do not support any of the following — as they are not from “official” sources like the previously provided faucet — but there are options.
  • Here’s an extended list of testnet faucets provided by polygon.


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