Happy Monday, VAIOTeers! We were very busy at VAIOT last week, and we are excited to share several major progressions in our development process. 🎉

Last Week:

VAIOT Second Commercial Partnership with Zelwin Marketplace 🙌

We are excited to announce that we have obtained our second commercial partnership with no other than Zelwin marketplace. VAIOT’s (AI) Assistant will be coming to Zelwin, helping users navigate the webshop and purchase products trouble-free within minutes. In addition, you will soon be able to use $VAI tokens to buy products on Zelwin.

  • For all the ins and outs, please check the full announcement.

Phase 1…

On April 15th, 2021, at 12 PM UTC we joined teh Moonwalker in an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything), led by Blaze. Team members of VAIOT that joined were COO Pawel Andruszkiewicz, Marketing Manager Anthony Blackburn and Blockchain Expert Michał Szachno.

Q&A Teh Moonwalker

Blaze: Welcome Fellas!

Anthony: Happy to be here!

Pawel: Happy to be here!

Blaze: Stoked to have you in here today, really looking forward to what you have to share. Well, I suppose, without further ado, let’s begin!

Q: Let’s start off with an intro. Please tell us about your backgrounds and your roles at VAIOT?

Anthony: Absolutely!

Pawel: Right. Hi everyone…

Hi VAIOTeers🤩,

One of the biggest talking points surrounding VAIOT is our utilization of IBM Watson, and for those who are not familiar with Watson’s capabilities, here is a quick explainer article to tell you all about it. Let’s dive right in.

What is IBM Watson?

So, what is IBM Watson? IBM Watson is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for business. It processes, among other things critical insights, relationships, and patterns across unstructured emails, tweets, images, and more; to improve decisions based on real-time trends. …

Hey VIAOTeers, 🙋‍♀️

We’re excited to announce that VAIOT’s (AI) Assistant will be coming to the Zelwin Marketplace, helping users navigate the webshop and purchase products trouble-free within minutes. In addition, you’ll soon be able to use $VAI tokens to purchase products on Zelwin.

Previously, the Zelwin webshop offered the possibility to shop with crypto assets like $BTC, $ETH, $USDT, and their native asset $ZLW. Now, users will be able to make purchases with the $VAI asset or exchange their $VAI for $ZLW on Zelwin’s exchange.

In addition to simply buying and exchanging $VAI tokens on the marketplace, VAIOT will…

Happy Monday, VAIOTeers! 👩‍💻

We’re happy to share another week full of events with you, as well as recapping our KuCoin AMA, regulatory audits and VAIOT’s 30,000 VAI contest details announced!

Last Week:

VAIOT featured on multiple popular YouTube channels! 🎉 ✨

It was a busy week last week, and we’d like to give a special thanks to Crypto DeFi Dad and CryptoWiseGuys for their support and mentioning us in their YouTube episodes. See the videos below, if you haven’t been able to watch them yet.

VAIOT Hit 7.000 Followers on Twitter!

We also like to thank YOU! For your…

Hi VIAOTeers🙋‍♀️,

As you might know, we recently re-launched our pre-staking V2. For those who aren’t familiar with the taking process, here is a step-by-step guide on how to stake your $VAI using UniSwap.

Let’s dive right into it. First, you will need to ensure that you’re holding $VAI, VAIOT’s native asset to be able to stake. If you don’t have any yet, you can get them via our website: here.

🚀 Staking Your $VAI

To get…

Hey VAIOTeers!! 🚀 🎉

We joined an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) on the KuCoin Exchange Group on the 6th of April, 2021, led by our COO Pawel Andruszkiewicz, lead developer Jakub Kobeldys, Co-Founder and Blockchain Expert Michal Szachno, and Marketing Manager Anthony Blackburn. During the session, we answered all your burning questions about how we’re combining two major technological trends: AI and Blockchain to digitize business processes.

VAIOT’s featured team of experts:

Happy Monday, VAIOTeers! We are delighted to share another week filled with new content, VAIOT updates, and our very first CEX listing!

Last Week:

VAIOT Website Revamp Phase 1 went live! 🎉

We’re thrilled to announce that last week, the first phase of the VAIOT website revamp went live! The VAIOT team worked in collaboration with Flying Bisons to produce a more digestible, user friendly, and visually appealing interface. The next phases of the re-work will include a web architecture restructuring and adding more functional components. For more information on Flying Bisons, click here.

Happy $VAI day VAIOTeers!!

On 31/03/2021, the Oraichain and VAIOT held a joint AMA in both Oraichain and VAIOT groups. We are glad that the AMA took place successfully as both communities had a chance to get a better understanding of each other, and we are pleased to recap the main content of the AMA. 5 community members from each AMA earned over $500 in prizes. Congratulations to the winners! :tada:


VAIOT team attendees:

  • Pawel - COO of VAIOT
  • Michal - Blockchain Expert
  • Daniel - Head of Marketing
  • Anthony - Marketing Manager


  1. Oraichain: First and foremost, we want to get to know VAIOT. …

It is the paramount question; the apex, the rite of passage of any crypto-integrated project. It is the representation of legitimacy, progress, and long-term potential in the crypto space.

The question is simple: “When CEX?”

Well, the VAIOT team is proud to announce that the day has finally come. As of today, VAIOT’s native token $VAI will be available on the KuCoin exchange! 🎉

Deposits began flooding in yesterday, and now $VAI tokens are available for buying and trading. The official trading pair on the exchange will be VAI/USDT.

To get started on trading, click here. 🚀

We would like…


VAIOT is combining AI & Blockchain to develop IVAs – Intelligent Virtual Assistants, for both consumers and businesses.

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